Colorado West Unit 364 will hold its annual membership meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado, at the Mason’s Lodge during the Peach Sectional. The meeting will be held between the morning and afternoon sessions on Saturday, July 29, 2017.

The agenda will include a reading of the minutes from the 2016 annual meeting, the Treasurer’s report for fiscal year 2016-17, the election of three directors for a three-year term, and other business as necessary.

The Unit’s Nominating Committee has submitted a slate of three candidates for the Director positions: Diane Morgan from Carbondale and Keith Nichols from Crawford are eligible for reelection and are willing to serve another term. Leah Williams of Crested Butte is running for election as the third director position.

During the annual meeting, nominations from the floor shall be accepted, provided said nomination is seconded. No member having a financial interest in any bridge club shall be eligible for nomination and/or election to the Board, nor can any such member be appointed to the Board except in an honorary and non-voting capacity.

Members are permitted to vote absentee. Click here for an absentee ballot. If you were unable to open and return the ballot, you may contact Keith Nichols at [email protected].. Please read Section 5.6 of the Bylaws in its entirety for the rules regarding absentee voting. Section 5.6 may be found online at: Bear in mind that your ACBL Member Number must accompany your absentee ballot.