D17 Minutes, Las Vegas, Jan 2014


Minutes of the District 17 Board Meeting, January 25, 2014 at

Bally’s Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

(Subject To Board Approval at Next District 17 Board Meeting in                                                                                      Denver, Colorado, May 24, 2014)


Present: Board members: Darwin Afdahl, Bonnie Bagley, Robb Gordon, John Grossmann,

               Karin Kelsey, JoAnne Lowe, Art McHaffie, Flo Newlin, Jerry Ranney, Tom Shulman,

               Rod Southworth and John Van Ness.

               Board Members elect: Rod Bias and John Scibelli


Also attending a portion of the meeting: Dan Williams, Board Duplicator, Bruce and Jane Rubin, Las Vegas Regional Tournament Chairmen and Gary Zeiger, Director In Charge (DIC)


Absent: Ralph Liguori


President’s Opening Remarks

Darwin Afdahl called the meeting to order at 8:00 am, welcoming the new board members, Rod Bias and John Scibelli and extended thanks to Darryl Helton, Arizona-at-Large, Tom Shulman, Las Vegas Marianne Spanier, Phoenix, for their service to D17. Darwin thanked and commended the new Las Vegas tournament co-chairs, Bruce and Jane Rubin. Darwin reminded the board members that all regional advertising must be approved by the district representative, as per the D17 Regional Tournament Plan. Darwin also brought attention to D17 Mission Statement.


Election Report and Seating of New Board Members

Karin Kelsey reported that Darwin Afdahl, Tucson, Art McHaffie, New Mexico-at- Large, Jerry Ranney, Denver and John Scibelli, Las Vegas ran unopposed. The winners of the contested elections are: Rod Bias, Phoenix, John Grossmann, Colorado-at-Large and Robb Gordon, Arizona-at-Large. A motion was made, seconded and passed to ratify the elections and seat the new board members.


Election of Officers

Darwin Afdahl conducted the election of officers.

            Darwin Afdahl was nominated and seconded for president.

            John Grossmann was nominated and seconded for vice president.

            Bonnie Bagley was nominated and seconded for secretary.

            Jerry Ranney was nominated and seconded for treasurer.

            Karin Kelsey was nominated and seconded for election secretary.

There being no other nominations all were elected.


Approval October 2013 Minutes

A motion was made to approve the October 2013 Tucson minutes. The motion was seconded and passed.


Secretary’s Report                                                                                                                           

Bonnie Bagley stated many thank you notes were received for the gifts given to the ACBL Board of Directors 2013 Phoenix Fall NABC. Bonnie noted free play coupons are available for the new board members.









Treasurer’s Report

Jerry Ranney presented the treasurer’s reports and called attention to the Income Statement Budget vs. Actual. A loss of $3,281 was budgeted but the actual loss is $11,058. This is due to sanction fee income less than budgeted, bidding box shipping, board duplication, free plays and charity donations over budget.

The treasury still remains healthy with a yearend balance of $148,648.80. Jerry announced the NABC Fund Raiser Games held in October for the 2015 Denver NABC raised $1,186. One more Denver NABC Fund Raiser Game is to be scheduled. Form 1099-MISCs were filed with the IRS for Dan Williams (Board Duplication) and the Coopers (ScoreCard editors) and will be filed for Bill Michael (BridgeMate rental). A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the treasurer’s reports.


Current Regional

John Scibelli reported the D17 name badge proved to be a magnet for feedback from players. The consensus, certainly of out of town players, is favorable of Bally’s versus the Riviera. The positives

are the main ballroom lighting, the location on the Strip and the cleanliness. The negatives are the

distance to the playing area, lighting in the upstairs ballroom and the high snack bar prices. The local players have to negotiate the Strip and find it difficult to go to and from Bally’s. The current estimated table count will likely be between 3,300 and 3,400.


National Board

Bonnie Bagley stated there are three new BOD members – Jay Whipple, D9 (Florida) replacing Shirley Seals, who had served 4 terms, Russ Jones, D10 (Mississippi, Alabama, Central Tennessee, Central Arkansas, Eastern Louisiana) replacing Bill Cook (3 terms) and Dennis Carman, D12 (Most of Michigan, Northwestern Ohio) replacing Bill Arlinghaus (also 3 terms).

The 2014 Aileen Osofsky Goodwill Player of the Year is Karl Dencker from D8 (St. Louis, Northern Indiana, Central & Southern Illinois and Paducah). The 2014 Honorary Member of the Year is Jay Baum, former ACBL CEO, who recently relocated to Florida, D9. Silvana Zangri, D24 (New York City and Long Island) and Kitty Gottfried, D6 (Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland) were selected by Bill Cook, 2013 ACBL President as the 2013 ACBL Nadine Wood Volunteers of the Year. 

ACBL has implemented a Youth Protection Policy, which applies to all minors attending or employed by tournaments.

The Western Conference Holiday StaC played an important part in the Barry Crane 500. Mark Itabashi, Murrieta, CA (D22) and Chris Compton, Dallas, TX (D16) were in close competition. Chris knew Mark, who is ‘King of the WC STaCs’, could easily attain 50 points in the StaC and therefore had to participate. Chris spent the Holiday STaC week in Denver, playing in as many STaC games in Denver and Colorado Springs as possible. The result: Mark – 51.97 masterpoints, Chris – 49.22 and after Mark playing in the Reno Regional and Chris playing in the Myrtle Beach Regional at the end of the year, Chris bested Mark by 10.21 masterpoints – he would not have won if he had not played in the WC STaC.

The Learn to Play Bridge program is in its final test testing stages and there is scheduled to be soft roll out to teachers and club owners in February.

There will be a new concept tested at the Spring Dallas NABC – the NABC Information Fair, a two hour open forum where players can stop by to meet tournament directors and management personal.

Robert Hartman, ACBL, will be at the Denver Regional for four days. A motion was made, seconded and passed to give Robert Hartman free plays.


Board of Governors

Flo Newlin attended the Board of Governor’s meeting as Frank Queen’s proxy. Flo stated there were reports by the Robert Hartman, ACL CEO, Peter Rank, ACBL counsel and Rand Pinsky, ACBL Treasurer.  




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Western Conference

Bonnie Bagley reported Carolyn Newcomb, the D17 Western representative, was unable to attend the meeting. Carolyn will be attending the 2014 Western Conference meeting, Thursday, Feb. 27, at the Albuquerque Regional. She will present a full report at the Denver meeting.


 Executive Committee

Darwin noted the Executive Committee met yesterday and reviewed agenda items. Darwin reported that the El Paso unit has been investigating the possibility of holding a regional, but as yet have been unable to find a suitable, affordable venue.  Darwin stated that 2014 ACBL President Phyllis Harlan would like to come to the Albuquerque Regional and if so, would host a reception for volunteers. It is customary that a room and free plays be provided, which the Executive Committee recommends doing. A motion was made and seconded to invite Phyllis and provide her a room and free plays. An amendment to the motion was made and seconded that the district approves the payment without prejudice to future policy. The amendment passed. The motion passed.


Committee Reports

Elections  Report given above.


Grand National Teams (GNT) Rod Southworth reported, in his first report, that $1,600 has been received thus far for GNT qualifying games. Rod will contact clubs and units who have not reported GNT qualifying games, urging them to hold theses qualifiers and report them in a timely manner. Rod asked the board members to encourage the clubs and units in their areas to hold these games. Rod will be as liberal as possible allowing exceptions as long as there is no violation of the D17 or ACBL Conditions of Contest. There will be articles in the ScoreCard advertising the D17 GNT Finals which are being held at the Denver Regional.


North American Pairs (NAP) Darwin reported that Jim Horton will be the NAP co-chair. Jim stated for Ralph, who was unable to attend the meeting, that there will be more advertising this year. Ralph Liguori is waiting for the ACBL Conditions of Contest before drafting the D17 NAP Conditions of Contest.


I/N Rod Bias, the newly appointed I/N chairman, stated he discovered most units do not have an I/N chairman. Rod compiled a list of the Unit I/N chairs and will contact them to find out what they are doing and what they want to accomplish and how can the district board help them reach their goals.


At this point, Dan Williams, who preduplicates the boards for the pairs games at D17 Regionals and provides the boards and cards, joined the meeting. He stated D17 pays $16 a set for the first 60 sets and $13.50 thereafter and requested an increase. A motion was made, seconded and passed to pay $17 a set for the first 60 sets and $14.50 for additional sets after 60.


Jane and Bruce Rubin joined the meeting and shared the concerns, problems, trials and tribulations they have dealing with Bally’s and the Caesar’s Hotel group.  There is a struggle to meet the room night guarantee and they are aggressively seeking players who are staying at other Caesar’s properties, which will be credited to the tournament room block. They requested D17 raise the entry fees and


By-Laws John Van Ness reported some work has been done and he will get the committee organized moving forward.


Goodwill Karin Kelsey stated each board member may appoint one player per year to the D17 Goodwill Award. The deadline for the submission of appointments for the D17 Goodwill Award will be May1.



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Charity Karin Kelsey reported D17 will receive $30,000 in 2015 from the ACBL Charity Foundation. This may be divided into 6 grants of $5,000 each. Karin urged the board members to contact their units to submit a 501c3 charity for consideration of a grant. Karin will also send a letter notifying all the unit presidents of the charity grants opportunity and she will also send the board members the list of all the previous D17 charity grant recipients from 2005 and 2010. A copy of the IRS 501c3 must be included with the submission. The charity grants requests should be sent to Karin or Flo Newlin by June 1. The D17 Board will vote to select six charities at the Phoenix October board meeting.


Regional Tournaments Jerry Ranney announced there was no need for the Regional Tournament to meet at this tournament as all budgets and schedules for 2014 have been approved. Flo Newlin mentioned two events which might be of interest to tournament schedulers: a two session Board-a-Match Pairs event, which is run as a regular Board-a-Match but is also scored also as a pairs game, therefore, points can be won as a team or a pair and a Board-a-Match Swiss, a four session event (Saturday and Sunday) with the qualifying teams continuing in the Board-a-Match after the first two sessions and the rest playing in the Sunday two session Swiss Teams game. Robb Gordon also mentioned that D17 does not offer any four session Open Pairs Games, with the first two sessions qualifying and the second two the finals, which can be fine events with very good competition.


Gary Zeiger, DIC for the Las Vegas Regional, joined the meeting. Noting the suggestions about four session events, he cautioned adding any right now because the masterpoint awards for four session regional events are being reevaluated now. The masterpoints for four session events have been quite high, even if the fields have been small, but that could end quickly. Gary reported that as of Friday night the table count was 2,718.5. The Daylight Pairs have been awful all week, they have been down a minimum of fifteen tables every day. The 299ers have held up all week considering the overall lower attendance. Gary staffed on 3500 tables based on the last January Las Vegas Regional in 2008 having 3600 tables. His projection now is between 3300 to 3400 tables. Gary noted fifteen youth coupons have been redeemed, Flo Newlin thanked Gary for his patience dealing with the coupons.


ScoreCard  Bonnie Bagley stated a policy needs to be established for the cost of ads from outside D17 in the ScoreCard . The charges for D17 ads are: $175 for a half-page ad, $100 for a quarter-page ad and $75 for a 2x8 ad. A motion was made that bridge-related, not for profit ads for the ScoreCard from outside D17 are: $175 for a half-page ad, $100 for a quarter-page ad and $75 for a 2x8 ad. The motion was seconded and passed. Bonnie Bagley noted the ScoreCard editors receive $350 per month, which has been the compensation for ten years. A motion was made, seconded and passed to increase the compensation for the ScoreCard editor to $400 effective February 1, 2014.


Tournament Coordination JoAnne Lowe produced the 2014 and 2015 D17 tournament listings after she received a tutorial from previous D17 Tournament Coordinator Marianne Spanier. JoAnne will be updating and correcting the Google calendar on the D17 web site.


Tournament Supplies John Grossmann noted the Tournament Supply Committee is responsible for bidding boxes and bidding box shipping from regional to regional. John has ordered replacement pass cards and he and Jerry Ranney will be checking the bidding boxes at the Albuquerque Regional. John reminded each D17 rep who oversees a regional they are responsible for making sure the bidding boxes are clean and complete before shipping the bidding boxes to the next regional.


Finance Jerry Ranney stated the budget is included with the finance materials. The first pass at the budget indicates a projected loss of $16,000, which is already under revision. More expenses are projected: an increase for web site improvement, a Charity donation, the increase for the ScoreCard editors and the increase for board duplication, it appears likely the loss will be over $20,000. Jerry suggested it might be


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prudent to consider raising entry fees starting January 2015. A motion was made to raise the D17 regional entry to $12 effective January 1, 2015. The motion was seconded. A motion was made and seconded to table the motion. The motion to table failed. The motion passed. A motion was made to approve the budget as amended to show a $19,000 - $20,000 loss. The motion was seconded and passed. The Finance Committee was charged to bring a recommendation to next board meeting as to the split of the entry fee increase.


Education Flo Newlin stated one of the Denver schools has a bridge program.


Web Site John Grossmann distributed a paper showing the improvements he plans to make to the web site. He asked that everyone review the web site and send him an email about what they would like to see changed. John will provide a one hour demonstration of the web site at the Albuquerque Regional for anyone who is interested.


Grants John Grossmann noted there is a budget of $3,000 for the Grant Program. No grant requests for 2014 have been received. Grant applications should be no less than $250 and no more than $1,000. Information will be disseminated in various ways to the units to encourage applications from the units who do not hold a regional to submit a grant.


Unit Affiliations, Appeals, Contract Review and RTD No report


New Business

 Flo Newlin reported had coupons printed for the Junior Discounts for D17 Regionals. They are being well received.


New Business

Electronic Smoking Devises

Darwin notes the ACBL Board passed a motion banning electronic smoking devises at NABC and he thinks D17 should do the same. A motion was made to adopt the ACBL policy of banning smoking devices, at D17 Regionals. The motion was seconded and passed.


Taos Regional

Art McHaffie stated the Taos players are well underway in planning for another regional and request one for 2015. Bonnie Bagley announced that D17 is eligible for another regional starting in 2015 because the  district membership is maintaining at over 9,000. A motion was made to grant Taos a regional in September 2015. The motion was seconded and passed. A motion was made to grant the Colorado West Unit a regional the first available opening. The motion was seconded and passed.


Completed Tournament Reports

Darwin reported the October 2013 Tucson Regional had 1308 tables. Jerry Ranney is reviewing the final financial report, which is not ready yet.


The next meeting will be Saturday, May 24, 2014 in Denver, Colorado at the Renaissance Hotel by Marriott at 8:00 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Bonnie L. Bagley


Bonnie L. Bagley

Attachments: D17 2014 Board Roster

                        D17 2014 Committees (to be ratified at the Denver Meeting)          



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2014 District 17 Board Members

                      Officers:    Darwin Afdahl, President

                                    John Grossmann, Vice President

                                    Bonnie Bagley, Secretary

                                    Jerry Ranney, Treasurer

                                    Karin Kelsey, Election Secretary


   Board Members and the areas they represent:


   Darwin Afdahl (Tucson) 12390 N. Tall Grass Drive, Oro Valley, AZ  85755-0844

        520 742-1801 (H) 520 305-0360 (C) [email protected]

   Bonnie Bagley (Ex-officio, National Board Member) 7285 Ross Drive, Colorado

         Springs, CO  80920-3550  719 593-0205 (H/C)  [email protected]

   Rod Bias (Phoenix) 3017 W. White Feather Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85083-5859

623-444-7960  [email protected]

   Robb Gordon (Arizona at Large) 230 Seco Way, Sedona, AZ 86336-4383

          928 203-7707(H) 928 202-7772 (C)  [email protected]

     John Grossmann  (Colorado at Large) 2500 52nd Avenue, Greeley, CO 80634

          719 233-9464 (C) [email protected]

         Jim Horton (Mesa) 9322 E. Cedar Waxwing Drive, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248-7441

                480 883-6369 (H) 480 200-7566 (C)  [email protected]

        Karin Kelsey (Albuquerque) 13518 Elena Gallegos N.E., Albuquerque, NM  87111

505 822-1181 (H)  [email protected]

Ralph A. Liguori  (El Paso) 1513 Capitan Ridge, El Paso, TX  79912-8137

      915 920-4117 [email protected]

JoAnne Lowe (Phoenix) 15445 E. Richwood Ave., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

      480 836-7296 (H) 480 577-9833 (C)  [email protected]

Art McHaffie (New Mexico at Large) 2220 Wilderness Meadow Road, Santa Fe, NM

87505-5936    505 986-6074  [email protected]

Flo Newlin (Denver) 13888 E. Chenango Drive, Aurora, CO 80015-3905

            303 716-9881 (H)  303 916-7211 (C)   [email protected]

  Jerry Ranney  (Denver)  5743 Willowbrook Drive, Morrison, CO  80465-2236

          303 697-9468 (H)  720 333-4857 (C[email protected]

  John Scibelli (Las Vegas) 3024 Red Arrow Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89135-1624

702-341-9787 (H) 702 219-0391 (C)    [email protected]

  Rod Southworth (Wyoming), 4404 E. 7th Street, Cheyenne, WY  82001-5033

     307 221-2634 (C)  [email protected]

  John Van Ness (Colorado at Large)  353 Stagecoach Lane, Carbondale, CO  81623

                970 923-2500 (H/W/C)  970 948-2085 (C)   [email protected]



                                                                                                                                                        January 2014  




                                     2014 D17 Committees

                    (Note: The D17 President is a member of all committees)


By-Laws:                                John Van Ness, Chair, Jim Horton, Robb Gordon, Karin Kelsey 


Contract Review:                    John Van Ness, Chair, Art McHaffie


Education:                               Flo Newlin


Elections:                                Karin Kelsey


Executive Committee:            Bonnie Bagley, John Grossmann, Karin Kelsey, Jerry Ranney


Finance Committee:                Art McHaffie, Chair, Jerry Ranney, Robb Gordon


Goodwill/Charity:                   Karin Kelsey, Chair, Flo Newlin


Grand National Teams:           Rod Southworth, Chair, John Scibelli


Grants:                                    John Grossmann, Chair, Ralph Ligouri, John Scibelli


Intermediate/Newcomer:        Rod Bias


Judiciary -                               David Caprera, Chair *

Original Jurisdiction


Judiciary -Appellate                Art McHaffie, Chair *


North American Pairs:            Ralph Ligouri, Chair, Jim Horton


Recorder:                                Kay Enfield


Regional Tournaments:           Jerry Ranney, Chair, Bonnie Bagley, Jim Horton, Gary Zeiger (special advisor)


Scorecard:                               Bonnie Bagley


Tournament Coordinating:      JoAnne Lowe, Chair, Jim Horton


Tournament Supplies:             John Grossmann, Chair, Jerry Ranney


Unit Affiliations:                    Jo Anne Lowe


Web Site:                                John Grossmann, Chair, Rod Bias, JoAnne Lowe


*Committee members will be selected by the Chair when needed



Upcoming Events

Monday, Mar 26 at 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Monday, Mar 26 at 12:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Monday, Mar 26 at 12:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Monday, Mar 26 at 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM