District 17 Events and Information


The Inaugural digital D17 ScoreCard has been 'launched'. I hope you received the email with the link to view it.

In an effort to maximize reaching all D17 members, the D17 Communications Committee is asking units to post a notice on their unit website of our new publication, with a link to it.
This is the link to the April D17 ScoreCard:  http://read.nxtbook.com/acbl_district_17/contract_bridge_forum/d17_scorecard_april_2018/index.html
and below are examples from three units who have already done so.

Attached is a pdf version of the ScoreCard  from which the whole edition may be printed, it should be done so double sided as it is lengthy. The pdf can also be found on the D17 web site: http://www.d17acbl.org/index.php?page=pdf-versions