Board Minutes - March 5 2012



The meeting was called to order by President Paul Hackbert at Main Street Bagels in Grand Junction at 10:00 am.

Board Members Present:    Paul Hackbert, Helen Bledsoe, Judy Tirpack, Jean Paradis, Pam Elsner, Richard Bettencourt, Nick Larkin and Jim Churchill.

Secretary’s Report:  Judy moved and Paul seconded that we dispense with the reading of the minutes.  Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  From 1/1/2012 to 3/07/12, income was $351.39 from ACBL reimbursement and Unit Games $368.00, totaling $719.39.  Total expenses were $4,126.96.  The overall total was -$407.57.  The deficit was due to the fact that  unit was required to pay a deposit for a future  bridge site for a sectional.

The Unit game on 02/12/2012 produced $368.00 in revenue and expenses incurred were $265.01 with an overall total of  +$102.99.  Details of  categories are available for inspection. 

President’s Report:  Paul reported the positive reactions of  his visits to Montrose, Vail, Aspen and Crested Butte.  His aim was to introduce himself to the clubs and to elicit any suggestions from the groups. 

Paul has set up notification of  events and news on the computer to the various sites.

New Business:

As Paul drove 750 miles to meet with the clubs, a mileage reimbursement was discussed.   A motion to reimburse Paul was by Jean Paridis and seconded by Judy to reimburse Paul for his mileage.  Approved.

Additionally, board members could be reimbursed as well for travel  expenses with a trip exceeding 20 miles with a basis of  $.30 a mile with a cap of  $100.00.  Paul so moved and Jean Paradis seconded.    Approved. Later in the meeting it was decided that a mileage form would be created to accommodate mileage requests. 

In order to familiarize different clubs with board members, it was suggested that   meetings be set up and available so that club members could interrelate on a casual basis.  This could occur at the tournament sites and be announced prior to the tournament.    It was also suggested that an explanation of  the unit’s funding ,  the unit’s expenses and its relationship with ACBL be posted on the Unit website.  Pam discussed bylaws issues and a revised draft will be presented to the various clubs  with Pam and  Jean presenting the proposed changes.  Hopefully, this will provide clubs the opportunity for input of  suggestions.   Prior to the December, 2011, annual meeting, costs exceeded $451 in postage to mail out the bylaws and for the absentee ballots for the election of  board members.  It was deemed critical that we utilize electronic publications, notices and ballots to ameliorate the procedures.  According to our bylaws and ACBL bylaws,  voting on  changes in bylaws has to be accomplished in person.  Procedurally, we will have to determine who wishes election ballots to be sent by mail.  The majority of  ballots will be sent  out electronically.  A privacy law regarding utilization of  emails will have to be dealt with  the ACBL organization.  Any changes in address or emails need to be addressed by April 4th.  The board agreed that it was necessary to utilize electronics for proper notifications and ballots. 

Pam and Jean Paradis will visit local clubs to discuss changes in bylaws in order to elicit opinions and promote general understanding of  the changes.  It was suggested that Pam contact John Van Ness to consider other units’ bylaws. 

In discussing the Durango tournament,  no  lunch will be provided for the Durango tournament  for Swiss teams.

Possibilities are being explored    that Vail will provide a site for a regional in the future.  Pam pointed out that an autumn or a late spring date would be beneficial as hotel rates are more flexible during the off seasons. 

The Black Canyon sectional has required a payment of  $ 149 upfront for the approved site.  The Peach tournament will be  at the Palisades Memorial Community Center in in Palisades in August. 

The board supported the possible extension of  a due date for booking the Hotel Colorado. 

The board explored the possibilities of  incentives for local clubs to have Unit games.  At this time, clubs are resistant to having local games as it does not benefit the local site as they still have to pay rent for the usage of  the site and the Unit retains the money.   Paul suggested providing a $100 stipend to the local club, while still maintaining the responsibility of  running of  the Unit to organize and run the Unit game.    At this point as well, the Unit needs a director and in addition a person to be entering the data, if bridgemates are not used. 

Jim Churchill recommended the following suggestions:  unit computer at all unit games, same software at all games, and obtain masterpoints in advance.  The question of  Unit games being held on Saturdays should be explored.  Pam explained that both the Vail and Aspen clubs would probably have a lower attendance on weekends. 

A proposal  of  a trial period was made that the Unit email a letter to the clubs asking if they would like to host a Unit game on Saturday or Sundays with a $100 stipend and that the Unit games at different sites would  not occur in months that Sectionals were held.  Jean Paradis moved and Judy seconded.   The board vote was unanimous.  The letter could be put on the website. 

The next Board meeting will occur on April 25 at 10 AM at Main Street Bagels (5th and Main St) in downtown Grand Junction.

Upcoming Events

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