Dear Unit 364 Member:
We (the Unit) need some help.
As you may know, the full complement of Unit Directors is nine. However,
for the last year, we have been operating with fewer. One director was
term limited out; one resigned because of conflict of interest; another
has just left the board due to family obligations.  Finally, we may be
losing a fourth because of a move out of the Unit area.  This makes it
difficult to reach quorum level for board meetings.
Unit 364 is huge!  We have about 400 members but they are really spread
out.  Geographically, the Unit extends to the east as far as Vail, to
the south down to Durango, and to the north and west into Grand Junction
and beyond.  It even has a little hiccup that includes Moab, Utah.
Because of this geographical diversity, we have tried to have a board
that consists of directors representing the various areas within the
Unit.  We have directors from Grand Junction, Aspen, Durango, and
Crested Butte.  I could claim to represent the greater metropolitan
Crawford area but nobody plays bridge out here.
The two clubs in Grand Junction and one in Durango have been responsible
for much of the Unit’s growth and the board would benefit from another
Director from those areas.  Also, we would like  directors from the Vail
area, perhaps Glenwood Springs where we host the Doc Holliday sectional,
and Montrose – home of the Black Canyon sectional.
Serving as a Director is not burdensome.  We have several meetings each
year, usually a couple by teleconference and the others at one of the
sectionals.  Aside from determining the financial direction of the Unit,
as much as anything, directors answer questions from Unit members about
almost anything that comes to mind.  You will learn about the
relationship between the Unit and District 17 as well as the ACBL itself.
Directors often assist at Unit sectionals, sometimes even running one
If you or anyone you know has an interest in serving on the Board,
please let me know as soon as possible.  We would like to list their
names in the notice of the annual membership meeting in April when
elections of new directors are held.
Keith Nichols, President
Colorado West Unit 364