July 31 - Vail Sectional cancelled by ACBL

Subject: Unit 364 Sectional Tournament Updates

• Four Corners Sectional - Cancelled

• Doc Holliday Sectional - Cancelled

Vail Summer Sectional - Mandatory Requirements

• Peach Sectional – Cancelled

• Black Canyon Sectional – removed from Unit 364 calendar

Dear Unit 364 Members,

While the past months have brought many challenges, we are excited to report that live bridge is slowly recovering. The Unit 364 Board of Directors met recently to make final determinations regarding our upcoming Sectional tournaments.

The ACBL did not allow tournament play before August 1st causing cancellation of the Four Corners and Doc Holliday Sectionals.

The Peach Sectional has been cancelled due the rising number COVID-19 of cases in Mesa County and low vaccination rates. Further, the tournament venue had a 30-day cancellation clause and final ACBL approval would not have occurred unit after that date. These factors were critical in the cancellation decision.

The Black Canyon Sectional lost its Tournament Chair. We made every effort to regroup but time ran out before we could submit the Sectional for sanctioning. Therefore, the tournament has been removed from the Unit 364 calendar.

Due to Eagles County’s excellent vaccination rates and low number of hospital admissions, the Vail Summer Sectional in Avon is a full GO! As we move closer to August 6th, we wanted to update you on the requirements for face-to-face tournaments. [excerpted from current ACBL guidelines – subject to change]:

For tournaments that proceed, the following will be MANDATORY

1. Face masks: All staff, players and volunteers must always wear approved face masks when within the playing area (*see paragraph 2 below). This continues to be recommended for large, indoor group gatherings, especially with the emergence of highly transmissible variants of the coronavirus.

2. Vaccination: All staff, players and volunteers must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination status. No exceptions will be made.

We all would enjoy more opportunities to play F2F bridge. However, let’s take advantage of the ones that are available. The Vail Summer Sectional flyer is attached - CLICK HERE.

We hope to see many of you in Avon!


Randy Field - Unit 364 Board President