Colorado West Unit 364

Annual Membership Meeting

April 17, 2021

Upon determining a quorum was present, President Keith Nichols called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.

Since there was no annual meeting in 2020, the reading of the previous year’s minutes was waived.

Greg Westernick provided a financial report first for 2020 (see attached), and then year-to-date for 2021 (also attached). Since we held no tournaments in 2020, we didn’t have the usual revenue & expenses. Bottom line for 2020 and into 2021, we have been maintaining a steady balance of about $30,000. That will change when we start holding tournaments again this year.

Randy Field moved that the financial reports be accepted; Karlene Spivak seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Keith briefly reviewed the new guidelines from the ACBL for tournaments. 2021 sanctions begin August 1 and will require all players to be vaccinated as well as wear masks, use hand sanitizer, and comply with local pandemic constraints. Sanctioned tournaments will require table spacing 11 feet, center-to-center, instead of the previous spacing of 8 feet.

Sharon Snyder informed the group that Mesa County has lifted all Covid constraints, including spacing, masks, etc., leaving it up to the individual venues as to what requirements they wish to have in place. The Board will keep track of the county requirements in both Eagle county and Montrose county. Sharon also requires vaccination for her club game and requires proof. Steve Huber noted that we, as a private entity, can require vaccination without any HIPAA or other concerns.

Keith reviewed the Unit’s tournament schedule for 2021, noting first that both the Doc Holliday and the Four Corners sectionals have been cancelled. The dates for the Vail Summer Sectional were shifted by a week to be fully in August and Tim Ellis stepped up to serve as Tournament Chair. Now we wait for ACBL sanction. Unit Tournament Coordinator Leah Williams has been in touch with the ACBL and was told it will take a few weeks. Leah will pursue it. Mitch Hayne said that his schedule has opened up such that he will be working with Tim, which will give him some experience for when he takes the tournament over in 2022. Mitch has been following Eagle County’s changing constraints and is getting more optimistic that the Vail tournament will be held.

Keith speculated that holding both the Peach and the Black Canyon sectionals will be likely because they’re later in the summer and constraints should be more relaxed.

Sharon asked whether the Unit has considered holding a sectional online. Randy mentioned that he had spoken with several officials at ACBL and at the time, there just weren’t enough qualified directors for online tournaments. Randy said he’d check again to see whether that position has changed.

Keith introduced two proposals to amend the bylaws. Both had been sent out to the membership and everyone in attendance said they read and understood them. Keith asked for a vote on the first proposal that gave directions to the Board when it lacked a quorum at the annual membership meeting. The proposal was accepted unanimously.

The second proposal was a “Force Majeure” amendment directing the Board on how to deal with “Acts of God” and the like when they affect the Unit’s operations. The proposal was accepted unanimously.

Finally, three positions on the Board are open. Karlene and Mitch both indicated their desire to continue and Tim Ellis was nominated to fill the third seat. Keith asked for a motion to accept all three by acclamation. Karlene so moved and Greg seconded. The motion was passed unanimously. Mitch said he will contact Tim to let him know he’s now on the Board.

With no further business, Randy moved for adjournment and Karlene seconded.

The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:42.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Nichols, “Interim Secretary”