Minutes Aug 21 2013 - See attached Presidents comments




AUGUST 21, 2013

ATTENDANCE:  Jim Churchill, Nick Larkin, Paul Hackbert, Judy Tirpack, Jean Paradis, Jeff Phillips, Jackie Hurlbutt, Helen Bledsoe, Pam Elsner, John Van Ness (guest)

The minutes of the June 12th meeting were reviewed and corrections made.    Helen Bledsoe moved that the corrected minutes be accepted and the motion was seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

The matter of the minutes being displayed on the website before board approval was discussed.   Jackie Hurlbutt moved that the minutes of meetings be published and displayed on the unit website after the Board approved them in a Board Meeting.  The motion was seconded.  The vote was seven in favor of the motion and two opposed. 

The Treasurer reported that the cash flow included the following:   $12,327.41 inflow and $8,620.94 outflow, with an overall total of $3,706.47 for the period January 1, 2013 to August 20, 2013.  Total bank accounts contained $28,686.29.

Old Business

The Peach Tournament was perceived as successful in that the venue and hospitality were positive and that there was a small profit of $23.23.   The Board would like to thank Sylvia Morrison for the wonderful peaches that she provided for the attendees. 

The Bylaws Committee will be meeting in September and make an initial report to the Board at the next Board Meeting. 

The Doc Holliday Colorado Hotel invoice was handled by John Van Ness who personally met with hotel management and was negotiating a settlement. 

The Board reviewed the issue of our fiscal year.   The consensus of the Board was that the fiscal year should be changed in order to provide a complete fiscal picture for the members.   Hurlbutt moved that our fiscal year be changed to October 31, to take effect on 10/31/13.  The motion was seconded.  The motion passed unanimously. ** It was suggested that at the Annual Meeting, the Treasurer provide an explanation to the members as to how much ACBL sends Unit 364 and how the amount is determined. 

The board discussed the matter of providing members with an evaluation of the unit’s financial statements.  Bill Voss, unit member and CPA, was approached and he has volunteered to conduct such evaluation at no cost to the unit.  Jean Paradis moved that the board accept Voss’s  offer and the motion was seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.  Such evaluation will be conducted following the end of the unit’s fiscal year. **

The purpose and the use of the District grant that Unit 364 received was discussed.     The Board considered that the grant was for education or recruiting new members.  Multiple suggestions included: paying for ads, a “welcome wagon” for new players, get ideas from local clubs, host a party or reception, clubs can write a grant on how to use the grant, vote on it at annual meeting.  The question arose as to how long we have to spend the money.  We were told we can also apply for the same grant on a yearly basis.  John Van Ness will provide a list of how and on what  other clubs have spent the money.

Other methods of encouraging new members were suggested:  persons at sections  with 0-5 points can be allowed free play, or at Saturday games only, provide panel of experienced players to discuss hands  following sessions, etc.  A board member will pursue options. 

District 17 Colorado-at-Large members were discussed.   John Van Ness recommended Jim La Force as a good candidate.  Hurlbutt moved that we support Mr. La Force based on Van Ness’ recommendation and the motion was seconded.  The motion was passed unanimously.

President Paul Hackbert pointed out that he will no longer be President after the Annual Meeting and suggested the Board consider candidates.  The following Board members terms will be expiring in December:  Jim Churchill, Jackie Hurlbutt and Jean Paradis.  A nominating committee will be created to provide a slate of candidates for the December Annual Meeting. Club owners, managers, and unit members will be solicited for nominations.  The unit will also utilize the website for nominations.

The Los Alamos Unit 381 STAC games were discussed.  It appeared that there was no conflict with our Unit STAC games schedule.  Accordingly, Unit 381’s request to be able to solicit our unit members was accepted. 

It was discussed that four clubs in our unit do not post game results on the unit website.  The use of the website for such results is available to all the unit clubs. 

At 11:30, Judy Tirpack moved that the meeting be adjourned, the motion was seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Pam Elsner, Secretary



** The change of fiscal year was subsequently rescinded at the October 23, 2013 board meeting.  Please see President’s notes from October 23rd board meeting posted separately on the website.

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