Minutes, January 15, 2014

Unit 364 Board Meeting January 15, 2014

Attendance: Jackie Hurlbutt, Jeff Phillips, Paul Hackbert, Judy Tirpack, Nick Larkin, Helen Bledsoe, Bert Solomon and Pam Elsner; Guest –John Van Ness

Temporary President Paul Hackbert opened the meeting at 10 a.m. at the Bagel store.  Newly elected Board Member Bert Solomon was introduced. 

The minutes of the October 23, 2013 Unit 364 Board meeting were presented.  Jackie Hurlbutt moved the minutes to be accepted and Nick Larkin seconded.  The minutes were approved. 

Judy Tirpack presented the Treasurer’s Report  from November 1, 2013 to January 15, 2014:

Total Income                                                      $ 1,335.14

Total Expenses                                                  $ 6,329.89*

Overall Total                                                -    $ 4,994.75


 $2,943.46 for payment to Hotel Colorado for the 2013 Doc Holliday tournament.

 $2,306.26 for Annual Meeting

$935.67 for Administrative Fees ($480 for storage unit rental, and incidental expenses, i.e.,  post office box rental, postage, etc.)

The Hotel Colorado had billed Unit 364 $4500 for the 2013 Doc Holiday Tournament.  We disputed the amount.  Although many contacts by John Van Ness and Helen Bledsoe had been made to negotiate a settlement, one was not reached.  We presented Hotel Colorado a check for $2943.46 and informed that that this amount was the full payment of our obligation to them.  The check has been cashed.  Nick Larkin moved that we have fulfilled our financial obligation and Helen Bledsoe seconded the motion.  The vote in favor of the motion was unanimous.  Bledsoe will contact the ACBL to inform them of the situation.

Nick Larkin moved the acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report.  Pam Elsner seconded.  The report was unanimously approved. 

Paul Hackbert explained the terms of office and how the change of the Annual Meeting affects the terms of office for the current Board Members.  Paul announced that he was resigning from the Board but would remain active in  off-board activities. 

The Election of Officers occurred and the following were elected and installed:

Jackie Hurlbutt, President

Nick Larkin, Vice President

Pam Elsner, Secretary

Judy Tirpack, Treasurer

Tom McCalden will continue as the Web Master for the Unit.

As the next Annual Meeting will occur in August, board members were asked to consider suggestions for future board members and filling certain roles.  President Hurlbutt discussed future board considerations and the role of geographic  diversity. 

The resignation of Paul Hackbert from the board has created an opening and his replacement is being considered. 

The Board officially thanked Bill Voss for his financial review.  The Board voted unanimously to provide Voss with a small remuneration and asked him to perform the same review for 2014.

Paul will work with Jackie to set up a new email account, as the account has been problematical in the past. 

Future tournament dates were discussed and will be publicized in the future. 

Pam suggested that a new board member orientation package be created and will work on this project.

Board members were asked to write an update of  job descriptions.

A new booklet of Unit members may need to be created. 

Bert suggested that the Unit could offer bridge lessons to schools in order to create new and future bridge players.  The Board was interested, but felt that due to time constraints, the topic should be tabled. 

New cards have been distributed to all the clubs. 


The meeting was adjourned.  The next Board Meeting will be March 12, 2014.  

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