Minutes - Jan 9 2013


Unit 364-Board Meeting-January 9, 2013

Attendance:  Nick Larkin, Jim Churchill, Jeff Phillips, Judy Tirpack, Jacqueline Hurlbutt, Pam Elsner, Paul Hackbert, Helen Bledsoe; Keith Nichols (guest) Linda Deaton (guest)

President Paul Hackbert presided and opened the meeting at  9:30 AM.  Corrections were made to the October, 2012 meeting minutes and were accepted by the Board. 

Treasurer Judy Tirpack reported that as of 12/31/12, the bank account was $24,965. At this time there are no outstanding bills.  Interest on the CD was not included.  Jim Churchill recommended that the CD be a 3-year CD or have staggering CDs.  It was recommended that we discuss this topic before early summer.  The amount labeled “uncategorized expenses” on the treasurer’s report discussed at the Annual Meeting was determined to be a “stop payment” on a check.  The entry was restated to the appropriate classification.

The Black Canyon tournament was discussed and it was noted that tournament was very successful.  Few supplies were needed to be purchased and volunteers helped out in many ways. 

Jim Churchill moved the Treasurer’s Report be accepted and Jackie Hurlbutt seconded the motion.  The motion was approved. 

Jackie Hurlbutt brought up the mileage reimbursement for attending board meetings and asked that a discussion take place regarding this topic at the next meeting.

The Annual Meeting was discussed.  The board felt that the venue as well as the food was good.  The Unit subsidized $7/per person.  The election of the board members went smoothly.  The bylaws were rejected and President Hackbert had stated at the Annual Meeting prior to the vote on the bylaws that whether the proposed bylaws passed or rejected, a Bylaws Committee would be established at the next meeting. 

Discussion ensued regarding the bylaws committee and Jackie Hurlbutt moved that the Bylaws Committee be limited to the following three people (Keith Nichols, Linda Deaton and Pam Elsner  with Pam Elsner to be Temporary Chair of the Committee) and other interested persons be utilized as consultants.    Jim Churchill seconded the motion.  The motion passed by the board.  The proposed amendments to the bylaws will be submitted to the board at future meeting.

The 2013 Unit 364Tournament Calendar was presented:

                 *Doc Holliday in Glenwood Springs April 19-21 at the Hotel Colorado

*Durango on June 7-9

*Peach Tournament on August 2-4

*299ers Tournament in Vail September 27-29

*Possible Tournament October 4-6 (Black Canyon/Montrose) – to be determined

    if sanction can be obtained.

*Annual Meeting December 8th at The Wine Country Inn.

Possible other sites for the tournaments were discussed.

Details of the grant to Unit 364 have not been determined. 

The Board strongly feels that Unit games other than Grand Junction should be encouraged and has created incentives to the local clubs.  A $100 stipend should assist the clubs in setting up Unit games.

The next meeting will be in March.


The meeting was adjourned. 

Upcoming Events

Friday, Jun 9 at 12:15 PM - 5:00 PM
Friday, Jun 9 at 12:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Friday, Jun 9 at 12:45 PM - 4:00 PM
Monday, Jun 12 at 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM