Board minutes, June 12, 2013



JUNE 12, 2013

Attendance:  Nick Larkin, Helen Bledsoe, Jean Paradis, Jim Churchill, Paul Hackbert, Pam Elsner, Jackie Hurlbutt, Judy Tirpack

President Paul Hackbert called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.

The minutes of March 13, 2013, were reviewed.  Helen Bledsoe moved the approval of the minutes and the motion was seconded.  The minutes were approved. 

Judy Tirpack presented the Treasurer’s report: 

Total   Income was $5,747.41

Total Expenses were $3,788.61

Overall income in excess of expenses was $1,958.80

Total checks written since January 1, 2013 were 38.

The bill from the Hotel Colorado for the Doc Holliday tournament was discussed with the recommendation that the bill be further considered due to disputed charges. 

The Four Corners Tournament Report was discussed.  The Unit lost $263.20 due to a lower attendance.  The Board agreed that the amount was acceptable as it is expected that attendance will rise and fall at different times and the decrease was not massive.  Jim Churchill moved that we accept the Four Corners Report and the motion was seconded.  The motion passed. 

Under Old Business, the Board discussed the current status of the Unit’s Certificates of Deposits and their current interest rates.  It was recommended that no action be taken at this time.  The consensus of the group was that the matter be tabled at this time.

The bylaws Committee will discuss the bylaw revisions at the August Board Meeting.

The Peach Tournament will be held on August 2-4th and will provide peaches as a favors.

Under New Business, the Black Canyon will be held October 4-6.  The charge for the venue at the Elks Club will be $800.

Unit games were discussed.  The Delta Club has volunteered to run such a game during the summer.

The grant that the Unit will be accepting is for the purpose of educating and recruiting new members into the Unit.  As the scope or range of the grant is not known, a board member will be in contact with our district representative regarding the details.  The Board does not know if and when the grant will elapse if not utilized.

It was announced that Jeanette Roberts, a member of the Delta Club, has received her directorship. 

The question of who can teach bridge was discussed.  While anyone with the energy and desire can teach bridge, ACBL does offer a program to certify teachers.  If a Unit 364 member would like to take a lesson from a certified instructor, he/she can access to find a teacher in Unit 364 under “Find A Teacher”.    Currently there are 6 certified teachers in Unit 364. 

A possible audit was discussed.  As there are only approximately fifty checks written per year, it was the consensus of the board that a full audit was not necessary and it would be imprudent of the Board to request a full audit.  The suggestion that an Oversight Committee might be created was tabled to the next meeting.

Another suggestion was made that we change our fiscal year to October 31st.  This suggestion could be helpful in that the Board could provide current fiscal information and the fiscal year report at the Annual Board Meeting.   As this suggestion might have to be voted upon at the upcoming December meeting, the topic will be further studied and reviewed. 

A discussion ensued that the Treasurer provide an explanation to the members as to the financial relationship between Unit 364 and ACBL, relating to reimbursement of a portion of ACBL membership dues back to the Unit and other such matters.

The next meeting will be August 21st.

Jean Paradis moved that the meeting be adjourned.  The motion was seconded and the motion was carried.  


Pam Elsner, Secretary

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