Minutes of Board meet March 12, 2014


Unit 364 Colorado West Unit Board Meeting – 3/12/14


Attendance:  Jeff Phillips, Jean Paradis, Bert Solomon, Helen Bledsoe, Nick Larkin, Jackie Hurlbutt, Sharon Snyder, Pam Elsner, John VanNess, guest.


The meeting started at 10:03.  Helen Bledsoe proposed that Sharon Snyder be nominated for the Board to replace Paul Hackbert.  Jeff Phillips seconded.  The vote was unanimous.  Sharon was introduced to the other Board Members. 

The Board reviewed the minutes.  Jeff moved that the minutes be accepted; Helen seconded.  After discussion, the Board approved the minutes unanimously. 

In the absence of the Treasurer Judy Tirpack, we were given the information that the only check written  was for  postage for $27.55  to Helen Bledsoe.

The dates of the tournaments were announced:

                *4/11-13-Doc Holliday in Glenwood Springs at the Ramada Inn - $63/per night

                *6/6-8-Four Corners, Durango

                *8/8-10-Peach Tournament at the Grand Vista Hotel in Grand Junction

                *9/12-14-Black Canyon at the Elks Club in Montrose

Nick Larkin moved that an Appreciation Charity Game will be held on July 12 in Delta; Jean Paradis seconded.  The motion passed.    The game will be free, but attendants pay for food.     Judy Tirpack  will direct the game.  In the past thirteen to fifteen tables was the average attendance. 

Information on tournament fees was discussed as two new board members were in attendance.  It was explained that ACBL is involved in decision-making as to when and where tournaments could be held. 

Pam Elsner will go ahead and set up a 299er tournament for September 26-28 after Helen Bledsoe obtains a sanction.  Bert questioned if we could have a general sectional, but Helen explained that these tournaments are set up sometimes between two and three years before the actual tournament. 

John Van Ness explained how the tournaments are set up.  John pointed out that the Taos tournament was financially successful, but noted that the tournament was subsidized by the county.    Some members of the Board are interested in having a sectional or a regional in the Vail area.  The dates of future tournaments should be set for the next two or three years. 

John Van Ness is chairing the Doc Holliday tournament in April.  He has already publicized the tournament in multiple areas.   John sought a volunteer to help him and Jean Paradis volunteered. 

John then discussed the grant issue and state that there was no formal written application, but to write a letter to the committee requesting the amount of money and the description of how it will be utilized. 

Jean Paris moved that the bylaws be presented at the Annual Meeting which will be held at 2pm, on Saturday, August 9th, following the morning bridge session at the Peach Tournament.  Nick seconded.  After discussion, the Board unanimously voted for the motion.  Helen said she would make sure that prepackaged cookies and snacks may be brought in for the attendees and make sure that there is a hospitality room. 

Bert Solomon suggested some minor changes in the bylaws.  The Board asked him to work with Keith Nichols so we could re-publish the edited version in a timely fashion prior to the Annual Meeting in August.  A special notice should be published regarding the Annual Meeting and an explanation of the changes of the terms of the Board Members. 

The Board accepted the financial recommendations from William Voss.  Bert suggested a different balance sheet and asked to sit down with John to make changes. 

The need to update our membership was brought up and Jean will pursue this goal; however, the topic was tabled as there were many issues that were brought up at this time due to time constraints.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 11th, place to be determined. 

Pam moved that the meeting be adjourned; Bert seconded the motion.  The Board approved the motion.   


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