JULY 21, 2016    10:00 am

Attendance Telephonically:  Jackie Hurllbutt, Sharon Snyder, Keith Nichols, Jean Paradis, Bert Solomon, Karen Kribs,


The meeting was called to order at 10 am. 

After review of the minutes and clarifying a portion, the minutes  were approved. 

The  Board welcomed Sharon Snyder who recently was appointed to the Board to replace Nick Larkin who resigned from the Board. 

The Treasurer reported that the last tournaments have raised a profit of $557; however, the Unit lost $430.  The Board perceived that the profit from the tournaments was a positive step forward.  The Board approved the Treasurer’s Report.  The annual Financial Report was discussed and it was felt that the newly revised report provides a better insight into revenue and expenses.  The discussion ensued as to how to find more sites for the tournament that were not linked to a hotel which required a certain amount of nights being guaranteed. 

Because of the requirements of Vectra Bank, it was moved  and seconded that the Board designate Keith Nichols, as Treasurer, and Sharon Snyder, as Assistant Treasurer, to be the two signatories on the Unit’s checking account held at the Grand Junction branch of Vectra Bank.  The motion passed. 

The Board appointed Diane Morgan to replace Jeff Phillips. 

The Board elected Sharon Snyder as Vice President to replace Nick Larkin who resigned from the Board. 

The Board discussed the Annual Meeting and the Meeting of the Board following the election at the Annual Meeting.  It was determined that no quorum could be obtained immediately following the Annual Meeting.  The Board Meeting was set for Saturday after the afternoon bridge session which is  Saturday, July 30, 2016. 

Bert announced that he was proceeding to submit a grant proposal to the Vail Valley Council as District 17 has notified John Van Ness that Unit 364  has been chosen to hold a Autumn regional in the Vail Valley.  Discussions have gone on with the Dobsen Arena as the site.  It is the feeling that there is a possibility that September Regional in Taos is not totally secure and there might be a chance  that Vail would step in as a abackup. 

The tables and equipment have previously been organized and transported  by Jeff Philips, but due to his resignation, a person needs to fulfill this role.  It was suggested that a non-board member could be utilized in this role.  It was suggested an inventory needs to be performed as well as the conditions of the tables should be considered.  In the past Jeff has delivered the tables and equipment; however, it was suggested that the tournament sites should select a person to pick up and return  the tables and equipment.

The meeting was adjourned to go into executive session.  The Board came out of executive session and voted on the CD issue.  After discussion, the Board decided that they wanted to put the issue of the CD to rest in that the topic has been discussed thoroughly for the last two years.  The Board felt that it was responsible to make fiscal decisions for Unit 364 and unanimously voted that the funds from the CD be entered into Unit 364 general funds.

The meeting was adjourned. 

Unit 364 Board Meeting

April 12, 2016

Attendance: (Telephonically) Jackie Hurlbutt, Bert Solomon , Pam Elsner, Karen Kribs, Nick Larkin, Keith Nichols, Jerry Brown; Guest – John Van Ness

The meeting began at 10:04 am.

The Minutes of the December 8, 2015 were approved.

The Treasurer’s Report was approved as amended.

Total Income was $10,957.42

Total Expenses $10,524.53

Net Revenue $ 569.34

Checking account is $21,186.15

CD $ 1,156.99

The Board was pleased that the games have all made profits.

John Van Ness provided an update on the 2016 Doc Holiday. The hotel slots have been filled and the hotel is accepting late entrants at the bridge rate. The Board is concerned about the weather predictions.

John Van Ness and Bert Solomon led a lengthy discussion about Unit 364’s intentions as to hosting a 2017 Regional. John Van Ness gave an update about the District’s intentions for 2017 and as of the date of Unit 364’s Board meeting, a decision from the District has not been forthcoming. The Board reviewed the projected budget for the Regional and had some questions regarding the actual numbers. Bert and John have been dealing with the District. As some of the other tournaments in the last year have not met their goals and have ended up with deficits, the Board wanted to know if the District would underwrite any loss. The Board discussed how much of a loss could be absorbed by the Unit before endangering any other Unit activities. The Board unanimously agreed that Bert should persue the continuation of our support for the Regional Tournament in 2017 by contacting theVail Town Council. The tentative date of the Regional would be from some time from September 10th to October 8th, 2017. The Dobson Arena is available during that time period He should inform them of our tentative plan to obtain such Regional, specifying and making them aware that the District has the ultimate power in this decision. Bert and John have done an excellent job of working on the numbers, dealing with the Dobson Area and the Vail Town Council.

Bert and Karen provided an update on the 2016 Charitable Game in Glenwood Springs. Bert projected that with limiting the number of tables to twenty to twenty two, the Unit should make $700. Our break even number is 14 tables. It was agreed to leave the entry fee at $10/person.

Pam provided a review of the bylaws concerning voting procedures. As it was a lengthy meeting, no decisions were made regarding voting procedures and the topic was tabled and will be addressed at a future meeting .

As Jeff Phillips has resigned from the Board, replacements for the position were discussed.

It is an appropriate time to create a Nominating Committee for the upcoming Election for the Board of Directors at the Annual meeting. It was recommended that members from different clubs be on the Nominating Committee.

The Bev Taylor CD was discussed. Keith will pursue options.