Colorado West Unit 364

Annual Board of Directors Meeting

April 17, 2021

At 10:44, Keith called the Annual Board of Directors’ Meeting to order for the purpose of electing officers for the upcoming year. Keith reiterated that he will be stepping down as president and nominated Randy to take his place. Greg seconded the nomination. Randy was elected unanimously.

Karlene was nominated to be Vice-President; Greg seconded. The vote was unanimous.

Greg was selected to continue as Treasurer.

Steve nominated Keith to serve as Secretary; Don Squires seconded. The vote was unanimous.

The Board then voted to remove Keith Nichols as a signatory from the Unit’s account at Alpine Bank and to add Randy Field as signatory to the account as president.

With no further business, Keith adjourned the meeting at 10:49.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Nichols, Secretary