Unit 364 Board Meeting

August 18, 2015

Attendance: All telephonically – Jackie Hurlbutt, Nick Larkin, Pam Elsner, Keith Nichols, Bert Solomon, Karen Kribs, Jeff Phillips, Jean Paradis; Absent: Jerry Brown

The sole purpose of this Board Meeting was to elect officers for the 2015 term. After discussion, the following board members were elected:

President Jackie Hurlbutt

Vice President Nick Larkin

Secretary Pam Elsner

Assistant Treasurer Nick Larkin

Disciplinary Chair Bert Solomon

Recorder Karen Kribs


Coordinator Jerry Brown

Membership Chair Jean Paradis

Business Manager Jeff Phillips

Jackie had spoken with Jerry Brown previously by phone and she had accepted the position as Tornament Coordinator.

Jackie will approach Tom McCalden who hopefully will continue to accept the role as Webmaster.