Annual Meeting of Unit 364

August 2, 2015

Grand Junction, Colorado

President Jackie Hurlbutt opened the Annual Meeting at approximately 12:30 pm. Copies of the Secretary’s Report was circulated and approved.

The Treasurer Keith Nichols presented the Annual Financial Report as of June 30, 2015:

The balance as of June 30, 2015 was $20,177.44. Keith reported a loss of $1,395 in the year’s tournaments. A detailed report of tournaments’ revenues and expenses is available,upon request.

Elections for Unit 364 Board members were held and the following were elected. Karen Kribs, Nick Larkin and Jerry (Mary) Brown.

A brief discussion was held regarding the Bev Taylor CD. Linda Deaton moved and Jim Churchill seconded the motion that the CD be contributed to hospice. President Hurlbutt pointed out that it is the fiscal responsibility of the Unit Board to make financial decisions. The topic was tabled.

The meeting was adjourned.