Colorado West Unit 364

Annual Membership Meeting

The Unit’s membership meeting was held at the Grand Junction Travelodge on Saturday, July 21. After determining a quotrum, President Keith Nichols called the meeting to order

Secretary Karen Kribs was absent dealing with an emergency, so Keith waived the reading of the 2017 minutes.

Treasurer Leah Williams distributed a 1917/18 financial report that showed a fiscal year end balance of $25,123.50. She also distributed tournament reports for the Doc Holliday and Four Corners Sectionals.

Karen indicated that she was willing to serve another term and Gretchen Bunnell said she would continue on the board as long as she could, but she may move soon. The third director seat available was vacant and the board has not received any applicants for the position. Karen and Grfetchen were reelected by acclimation. The bylaws state that the board is to appoint a replacement to fill any vacant director position.

The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing some of the problems the Peach sectional was having at the Travelodge and possible other options for 2019.

With no further business, Keith adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Nichols, President