The Annual Meeting of Bridge Unit 364 Colorado West was called to order at 2:10pm  by President Jackie Hurlbutt.  She determined that there was a quorum.


The report of the Annual Meeting Minutes from December, 2013, was dispensed with by the attendees.


The Treasurer’s Report indicated that the Unit spent more this year than they took in, but only because the  payment of the contested invoice from Hotel Colorado was delayed until after a resolution of the invoice.  Total income from November 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 was $8,079.22.  Total expenses during that period were $12,060.44.  The bank accounts are the following:

                CD4979602382 Bev Taylor                             $ 1,147.34

                CD826012050091855                                       16,829.76

                Checking                                                                6,688.56




Bill Voss, a retired CPA, reviewed the Unit’s financials from last year and declared the amounts valid, but had some procedural recommendations for the future.


Board elections were held and there were no nominations from the floor.  The three slated candidates, Pam Elsner, Jeff Phillips and Sharon Snyder, were elected by unanimous acclimation.


Jean Paradis, the Membership Chair, reported that the Unit has 402 current members. 

The topic of the revised bylaws was discussed.  Keith Nichols made a presention, describing how the bylaws needed to be updated to comport with Colorado law.  The second reason was that the bylaws needed to be upgraded to comply with electronic capability.  The third reason was to ensure that the Unit’s bylaws complied with American Contract Bridge League’s (ACBL) requirements.  It was understood that after the  attendees voted for the bylaws, the document would be sent to ACBL for review for the final acceptance. 


Linda Deaton proposed some “housekeeping” changes to the document to deal with absentee voting which included giving members the right to vote for both Board candidates and proposed  bylaw changes.  The second area changes the requirement to have five regular board meetings to four meetings per year.  The housekeeping changes were accepted by the attendees and the motion and second to accept the revised bylaws was voted unanimously.  The housekeeping changes will be dealt with by Linda and Keith Nichols.  The newly accepted bylaws will be sent to ACBL for review. 

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45.