Unit 364 Board Meeting -  August 30, 2016


Attendance: All telephonically – Keith Nichols, Sharon Snyder, Diane Morgan, Karen Kribs, Don Squires, Pam Elsner, Bert Solomon, Helen Bledsoe


The Secretary’s Report was reviewed.  After discussion, the report was tabled so that certain details could be discerned for accuracy.  Bert asked Keith to check with ACBL regarding disposition of the CD.


The Treasurer’s Report was delayed until the Treasurer returned to her community. 

As the ACBL list’s Recorder as a Board member, the role of Recorder was discussed.    Bert Solomon is the Board’s Disciplinarian and the Board felt it would be appropriate to assign Bert the role as Recorder. 

The Board reviewed and clarified the policies regarding tournament responsibilities.  Keith said he’d draft a letter to tournaments chairs explaining the Board’s positions in several areas.  Bert suggested including the Unit’s underwriting of tournaments and Helen thought tournaments should include a rough budget.  Although ACBL prefers that tournaments be set up two to three years ahead but will accept tournaments before one year, the Board preferred that we create long-term plans for tournaments within two to three years. 

Before the policy letter is finalized, the Unit 364 Unit Procedures Handbook will be reviewed by Board Members and ACBL will be contacted to clarify responsibilities of Tournament Chairs and responsibilities of the Board.  Karen will scan the Unit 364 Handbook so we have a computerized copy.  Members will look into tourney tracking software. 

The Durango Unit has changed the date of its tournament.  This was possible even though the Unit already has a sanctioned date.    John Van Ness also changed the date of the Doc Holiday to two weeks later.   Helen pointed out that ACBL is flexible in changes with both chairs and dates.   The history of the weather of the Doc Holiday tournament has been negative.  Itemized budgets of the tournaments and anticipated revenue should be submitted to the Board.    Helen pointed out that we need a Chairperson for the Peach Tournament.  Sharon volunteered to do it

The Education Committee should be activated and as Sharon pointed out that our one of our missions is to spread the knowledge of bridge in our local communities. 

Karen provided an update on the Montrose charity tournament on October 22nd.  The possibilities of having future charity games in Glenwood Springs and Montrose was discussed as was the attempts of getting more people involved. 

The Black Canyon Sectional in Montrose will be held September 30, October 1, and 2, 2016. 

The quality of the unit supplies is being evaluated and Sharon was unanimously authorized to purchase ten new card tables.  The difficulty of access and movability of the equipment was determined to be a problem.   She was also authorized to purchase a wheeled suitcase to house some of the supplies that are needed to be transported for tournaments. 

Helen provided the information from Score Card that small unit grant program is available for education purposes through District 17.

District 17 has suggested we apply for a Regional in Vail in 2019.  Bert will pursue this.   We should start creating plans and a committee structure to organize this event. 

There were complaints from some attendees at the Peach Tournament that rudeness occurred.  It was suggested that all tournament chairs discuss the ACBL’s policy of “zero tolerance” before all tournament games.    The lack of courtesy will drive potential new players away from attending games.   

Our next meeting will be Saturday, October 1st at the Black Canyon Tournament.  The meeting will be held between sessions. 

The meeting was adjourned.