Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of Unit 364

Date: Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Meeting was held by teleconference.

The meeting was called to order by President Keith Nichols at 9:03 AM

Present: Keith Nichols, Diane Morgan, Helen Bledsoe, Bert Solomon, Leah Williams, Gretchen Bunnel, Karen Kribs

Absent: Don Squires

The minutes were read by Karen and they were approved unanimously as written.

Leah Williams gave the Treasurers Report for the Quarter ending 9/30/17. (Copy attached) She will do a year-to-date report and send it out to the Board members soon.


Keith gave notice that Sharon Snyder has officially resigned from the Board. She has agreed to keep track of equipment for the time being and has ordered some supplies and sent the bill to Leah. We now have sufficient supplies to last through the next tournament season.

Keith had polled the Board prior to the meeting regarding the appointment of Gretchen Bunnell to the Board. Her appointment was approved unanimously. Gretchen is taking the seat vacated by Jerry Brown.

Keith reported on the question of conflict of interest of club owners being on the Board. Keith reported that he has spoken with the legal counsel at the ACBL. He reported that there is only a conflict if the club owner has a financial interest in the club. The ACBL defines “financial interest” as “an interest equated with money or its equivalent.”

At the last meeting, Leah volunteered that she owns a club and was concerned that a conflict of interest may exist. However, she runs the club on a volunteer basis without financial compensation. A motion was made that Leah be advised that the Board finds no conflict of interest in her operation of the club. This motion passed unanimously.

Karen reported that she has looked at the public spaces in the Garfield County Library/CMC building. The space contains a large lobby and some adjoining rooms which can be rented separately or together. She is waiting to get pricing for rentals. The space could accommodate a unit game in one room or a sectional game in multiple adjoining rooms. The space is clean and bright. Parking is available for free in the underground garage on weekends. The only hotel within walking distance is Hotel Denver which is more expensive than the hotels we have been using for local tournaments.


Heidi Schoenstein has agreed to be the chair for the Peach tournament.

The Masonic Hall may no longer work for the tournament, as they have built a stage in the room which we have used in the past. The remaining space is not large enough. Heidi has been looking at other sites and has found that the Travel Lodge has a suitable space. They would charge the same as the Masonic Hall. The space is a combination of two meeting rooms, not the ballroom. They have agreed to a room price of $59 per night. Heidi looked for a space downtown but did not find anything suitable.

Jim Churchill is retiring from chairing Black Canyon tournament, so a replacement is needed. Jim will approach Annie Laird to see if she is interested. If she declines, Jim and Keith will come up with a potential list.

A new director is needed to replace Sharon. Replacement will be appointed by Keith. Rocky Otto was suggested as a possible candidate. Karen had suggested Wayne Caplin as a possibility because of his IT skills. Perhaps he could help some of our directors set up silver point, STAC and Instant Matchpoint games.

They do have STAC games and instant matchpoint games at Bookcliff . Judy Tirpak is the director. Both of these games and more are played regularly in Durango.

Bert reported that Frisco is having a Swiss team tournament for Vail, Steamboat, Laramie and Frisco. He suggested we might be able do that within the unit.

Sharon is taking care of equipment for now but we need to find a replacement. We could move the equipment to a different location outside of Grand Junction, if we cannot find anyone in Grand Junction to take over the job. The space is paid for through the end of 2017. 

We can continue month-to-month after that.

The location for the Doc Holliday tournament was discussed. The hotel we have used in the past is still being renovated. Karen offered to stop by to see the space and to report back.

Karen presented idea of holding a sectional in Vail. A few months ago a few Board members received a letter from MarciaMcCalden in which she pointed out that some of the tournaments in the western part of the unit were shrinking. She suggested that because of the large player base in the Vail area in summer, we should consider a tournament there. Keith authorized Bert and Karen to do some preliminary investigation.

The Peach Sectional will be earlier in 2018… July 20-22.

Discussion of trailer which we are using for transporting equipment to tournments was held. It belongs to Keith. He said he would sell the trailer to unit for a small amount. Karen suggested that we look for a covered trailer. Keith suggested that the present trailer (4 ft x 6 ft) is not big enough to hold everything, but if we could find a trailer big enough for everything we may be able to park it at the home of a member and avoid storage expenses. Karen will investigate used covered trailers.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:00AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Kribs