Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors,Unit 364

Dec 6,2018 via Teleconference 9:00AM
In Attendance
Board Members:
Leah Williams, Helen Bledsoe, Karen Kribs, Keith Nichols, Bert Solomon, Diane Morgan, Gretchen Bunnell
Absent Don Squires
Unit Members: Sharon Snyder,
Minutes dated September 22 were amended with the following corrections:
Paragraph 2, the sentence beginning - A policy will be in place before future funds are disbursed shall be changes to read “ A policy will be in place before future funds are disbursed; there will be no difference between clubs (profit vs not for profit) : no funds for rent or instructor time. In the following sentence the words “ Units” shall be inserted after the word upon and before the word prior. In the last sentence of Paragraph 2 the word “Bills” shall be substituted for the word “Documents “. Leah made a motion to approve the minutes subject to change, 2nd by Keith. Minutes were unanimously approved

The treasures report was submitted to the Board showing a current balance of $33,010.79. Gretchen made a motion to approve the report as submitted, the motion, seconded by Karen Kribs was unanimously approved.

Keith indicated that we have 41 tables and plenty of paper supplies for 2019.
Old Business
D17 Grant of $1000 was discussed and due to the actions of D17’s direct communication with one of the Clubs it was suggested by Leah that the grant be split 3 ways. Keith then suggested that the Unit make up the difference between the D17 grant and the request of the 3 clubs. BookCliffs to receive a total of $500., Black Canyon $375.00 and Grand Slam Club$504 from a combination of D17 and the Unit. Karen made a motion to approve the above expenditure, Leah 2nd, the motion was unanimously approved.

Keith reminded everyone that the Annual Meeting is at the Doc tournament and Board members should be looking for a geographical nominating committee.

Karen reported that the Doc was considering 2 locations for the tournament: The new La Quinta Inn and the GS
Community Center. The board discussed the pros and cons of both locations and left the decision to the tournament chair-Karen Kribs.

Keith reported that Carl Hasz, (assisted by Don Squires) is the new tournament chair of the 4-corners Tournament and Heidi would continue as the Peach chairperson. The Peach would have new location the Marriott Courtyard. The rooms at the Peach would be $99 and the room would accommodate 32-34 tables

Bert indicated that a sanction had been granted for the Vail Tournament Aug 10-12 and that he was working on securing the same Venue.

The Black Canyon has a new Chairperson, Mike Thorpe

New Business
Unit Funding. Keith reminded the Board that Bert had suggested funding all Clubs money to enhance the playing experience at the Clubs. Leah felt that we should only concentrate funds on Education. Keith indicated that Club funding would wait till next year.

Keith indicated that for the purpose of requesting a Unit Grant the fee for lessons should not exceed $5. This would be followed up at the next meeting. Free play certificated should be made available for 1st time Tournament attendees. Sharon Snyder stated that the tournament chair should discuss how this works with the TD

There was a discussion as to the day and time of a Board Meeting at the Tournaments, more to be determined.

Keith indicated that minutes should ASAP be disseminated to Board member for comment, voted on and posted.

Sharon invited the Board and all Unit Members to a Xmas party with free food and drinks December 17 at Grand Slam Club in GJ

Meeting was adjourned at 10:45AM

Submitted by Secretary Bert Solomon