Unit 364 Board Meeting

December 8, 2015


Attendance:  (Telephonically):  Jackie Hurlbutt,  Pam Elsner, Nick Larkin, Bert Solomon, Jerry Brown, Karen Kribbs,  Keith Nichols;  Guest:  John Van Ness;  Absent:  Jean Paradis

The meeting began at 8:02am.

The Minutes of the September 1, 2015, were approved.

Treasurer Keith Nichols presented the income/expense report as of 7/1/15 to 12/1/15:


Total Income                                                                                      $10,424.06

Total Expenses                                                                                      9,278.98

Net Revenue                                                                                     $  1,145.98

The net tournament revenue from the Peach, Black Canyon and Unit 364 Game is $505.42.

CD                                                                                                          $  1,156.31

Checking Account                                                                            $21,519.24

The Treasurer’s Report was approved. 


Update on potential regional tournament in Vail in 2017.  John Van Ness presented the update. The  District 17 Board  will meet at the Albuquerque Regional in January where the decision as to where the fall, 2017,  regional will be held.  Bert and John have been working on this potential event and are hopeful that Vail is going to be chosen for  the Fall, 2017 Regional.

The Board reluctantly accepted the resignation of Board Member Jeff Phillips.  The Board would like to thank Jeff for his reliability, service and contributions.   Discussion ensued as to the appointment of his replacement. 

John Van Ness presented an update of the Doc Holiday in 2015.  The Board congratulated him on a successful tournament.  He will head up the Doc Holiday in 2016 as well.  John requested permission to run the ad for the Doc Holiday two times in the Forum.  The Board voted to affirm his request. 

Bert reported on the successful Unit game in Glenwood Springs.  Karen and Bert worked together to create a profit game. 

Other Business:

The discussion of the CD issue was tabled to the next meeting.

Board liability was discussed.  Several board members are pursuing information from various sources on this type of insurance. 

The discussion of the Peach Tournament and to when to have the annual meeting was tabled.

Pam will provide a draft of voting procedures before the next board meeting so the board may review the draft before the next board meeting. 

Pam informed the board that contact from the ACBL indicates that Leah Williams is now listed as the Club Manager of the Crested Butte Bridge Club.  The club number is 2582.

A discussion was held about mass mailings to club members.  Several board members will pursue various software applications that could be utilized which would either be free or reasonably priced.

Addendum: (not presented at meeting)  Courtney Keller received a sanction to operate an invitational  weekly club from June-September. 

The next Board meeting will be on February 23 at 8 am. 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25.