Unit 364 Board Meeting

January 16, 2015

Attendance: Keith Nichols, Nick Larkin, Karen Kribs, Helen Bledsoe, Jackie Hurlbutt, Pam Elsner, Guests Linda Deaton and Linda Scibienski

President Jackie Hurlbutt welcome the new board member Karen Kribs.

The Secretary’s Minutes was approved with correction.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted. Further discussion ensued regarding the disposition of the Taylor CD. Linda Deaton reported that the CD was initially supposed to provide funds for the building of a bridge center in Grand Junction. Linda Deaton will contact the family to see what they might suggest. Another suggestion was that the funds be donated to the hospice center. Jackie will speak to John Van Ness to provide legal suggestions. Linda, Jackie and John Van Ness will work on this project together. The motion to proceed on this suggestion was passed.

Nick Larkin brought up three topics which needed to be discussed:

  1. Disgruntlement regarding Christmas parties
    1. Suggestion was made to give money to individual clubs
    2. Suggestion was made to rotate Christmas location of Christmas parties
    3. Topic was tabled to next meeting
  2. Recommendation of next unit game be in Glenwood and have the board meeting there as well
  3. Update of membership directory with a printed copy
    1. Discussion ensued regarding ACBL’s privacy edict; Linda volunteered to check for clarity with ACBL
    2. Cost of printed handbooks
    3. Linda Deaton said she would provide a cost estimate and send by bulk mail
    4. Current Unit 364 membership is 273
    5. Would membership book online save money?
    6. Motion passed to pursue reprinting of membership

Karen questioned why membership was declining. Attendance at national, regional and local tournaments is declining nationwide. Possible reasons for the decline could be the elevated ages of members and the presence of the ability to play online in several different programs and gain masterpoints.

The Peach Tournament will be 7/31-8/2; a location has yet to be determined.