Colorado West Unit 364
Board of Directors Meeting

January 8, 2021, 9:00 am, via Zoom Videoconference

The meeting was called to order at 9:04 am.

Board members in attendance: Randy Fields, Mitch Hayne, Steve Huber, Karen Kribs, Keith Nichols, Karlene Spivak, Don Squires, Greg Westerwick, and Leah Williams.

Previous minutes: the minutes from the May 2020 Board meeting had been sent to the board and read, reading at the meeting was waived, and they were approved unanimously as read.

Treasurer’s report: this had also been sent to the Board. It showed a year end balance of $29,793.03 and a gain for the year of $108.25. The Financial report was approved unanimously. Greg said he would research the practicality of moving some of the Unit funds into a savings account or CD for better interest.

Virtual Game report: Mitch created a Unit virtual game report for directors to review. Four clubs were currently running virtual games – Aspen, Durango, Black Canyon (Montrose), & Vail. 14 games are held each week. Mitch also mentioned some combined games that are hosted by clubs from within and without the Unit. ACBL concerns about poaching players, playing outside one’s club, playing in cheaper games, & playing elsewhere to gain better points don’t seem to be of concern within the Unit. Mitch felt that a player’s personal schedule often determined which game to play in.

Karen suggested the possibility of a Unit-wide game. Because the 14 games per week appear to be mostly during the day, there was discussion of having a unit-wide evening game. Greg said he’d look into converting one of Durango’s evening games to a unit-wide one. The board did agree that with 14 games per week, the membership was being well served.

Randy was concerned about players near Life Master who may not know where to go for their remaining points. Karen suggested putting some information on the Unit’s website. Randy and Mitch agreed to create a letter to members to inform them about these and other concerns.

2021 Sectionals: After deciding to cancel the 2021 Doc Holliday sectional in Glenwood Springs, the board discussed the feasibility of the remaining tournaments. Considerations addressed included:

  • Whether public venues would be available;
  • Public Health department guidelines in place about groups;
  • When the ACBL would be providing tournament directors;
  • Whether some type of “vaccination passport” would be available;
  • The general health and safety of unit members attending tournaments.

The board decided to adopt a 60-day window approach to tournaments this year. We will meet to consider the safety and practicality of each sectional 60 days before the scheduled date and decide whether the event should be held. A decision about the Four-Corners tournament in Durango will be made in early April. Mitch has hopes for the Vail sectional scheduled for the end of July. Randy expressed optimism for holding the Peach in Grand Junction during the end of August.

Keith will modify the draft letter to the membership to reflect the decisions made during this board meeting and send it out.

2021 Annual Membership Meeting: The annual meeting has been held in April for the last several years. The board decided that this would be too soon for meeting face-to-face, but that the meeting was important to be held. We decided to use the Zoom virtual platform to hold the meeting. We discussed some of the mechanics of holding a large meeting and will incorporate them into the plan. The Notice of the meeting will contain the details.

The annual meeting will be held at 10:00 am on Saturday, April 17.

Keith asked the board to find three people to serve as the nominating committee, as required by our bylaws, to assemble a slate of candidates for the three director seats that will be up for election at the meeting.

Other Business: other items discussed were:

  • Mitch shared a list of upcoming events that Keith will send to Tom McCalden to add to the website;
  • Randy volunteered to serve as Partnership Chair/Desk for the upcoming virtual tournaments;
  • Steve wondered which games, virtual or face-to-face, would have priority once the in person games resumed. He suggested that Keith ask BBO and the ACBL about this.
  • Steve suggested that the Unit look into party/rubber bridge games as feeders to the duplicate games around the Unit. Perhaps developing a rubber bridge game as a mentor process to duplicate. Mitch suggested a promotion targeting high school and college players.
  • With respect to virtual instruction, primarily at the beginner level, Karen suggested that the Board remind teachers that they can apply to the Unit for some subsidy to help cover expenses for beginner lessons. This would hopefully increase the Unit’s duplicate participation.
  • Leah mentioned that Steamboat Springs does beginner lessons. Karlene noted that Vail has lessons, although not currently beginner level, and that the Frisco club offers virtual newbie lessons. Leah and Karlene suggesting that the Unit act as a clearing house for such lessons and have the info added to the website. Keith will talk with Tom.
  • Steve suggested that the Unit accumulate a variety of free resources to lean bridge, which could also be listed on the Unit’s website.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:20 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Nichols
“Acting Secretary”