July 21, 2018

Travelodge Inn, Grand Junction, CO

President Keith Nichols called the meeting to order at 6:40pm.

Present: Keith Nichols, Bert Solomon, Gretchen Bunnell, Leah Williams, Helen Bledsoe and Karen Kribs

Absent: Diane Morgan and Don Squires

The primary purpose of the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors is to select officers for the coming year.

Keith will continue as president.

Karen will be VP.

Bert will be the secretary.

Leah will continue as treasurer.

Gretchen has agreed to stay on the board until she moves.

Discussion of support for Sharon Snyder’s teaching program continued. Sharon has presented a revised request dated 7/17/18, a copy of which is attached. The new request lists items totaling $5154.06. This amount is up from the original request for $2000.00.


General feeling is to support teaching program but not the duplicate game. Some of the requests seem to be extreme.

Keith will ask Sharon some more questions about the teaching program, so we can can determine how much support we want to provide. The discussion will be continued after Keith gets more answers.

Helen announced that her bridge club is moving and has lots of teaching materials which they will need to dispose of.  

Meeting adjourned at 7:12.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Kribs, Secretary



Respectfully I am submitting an Addendum/revision to the financial request for teaching aid dated 1/12/18.

It became apparent to us following the Glenwood Board meeting that additional and some new information was needed for the Unit 364 Board of Directors to feel comfortable voting to support our very successful teaching program in Grand Junction, Colorado.

We have proven success with “documented results”. We are obviously established since my teaching career started in 2014 and the Grand Slam teaching program started Oct. 2017

Many of our students were bridge players that wanted a comfortable , polite game or class where they could learn about sanctioned duplicate bridge and the role of the ACBL. We provided all of those things and the results were amazing. We have 65 registered players in our data base and a side teaching group of non players We just received a sanction for a Newcomers game twice a week for those that are not quite ready to jump from lessons to the sharks. There is always a dedicated teacher for this group or the newcomers game. Private lessons are available upon request. There are at least 5 additional ACBL members from our group since our last letter. That would make 21 since Oct. 2017 and sill counting.

You will see that I am deleting the request for equipment and replacing it with materials and teaching value.

I have been a bridge instructor for the New Dimensions program in GJ for 3 ½ years and ready to start another class in the fall. Prior to 2015 Jeff Phillips and I had several classes with play with instruction .

The New Dimensions program is a six week series, 2 times a year. This program uses volunteers only and all costs for materials is a personal expense for the teacher. I am an ACBL(TAP) certified instructor.

$1750 Teaching value for 3 ½ years of ND would cost $250 per series or $500 per year which includes supplies

$ 800 Teaching value for 8 months or 32 weeks of classes at @25 dollars per class includes additional supplies not paid for by my Club

$ 500 Teaching value for 10 private lessons to date at $25 an hour or $50 per class which includes addition rent expense

50 Over Head projector since one of our instructors has a speech disability!

$ 1054.06 Books , which includes the ACBL teaching series with receipts available upon request

$ 200 Business cards and flyers which is one type of advertising. Receipt available upon request

$ 800 Ink cartridge and printer paper for handouts , 8 mo. X $100 mo

$ 5,154.06 out of pocket expenses to date

We understand this amount is out of reach for the Unit however we ask that you

consider what you feel is the value to the western slope. We are continuing

our efforts so yearly financial support might be another option for the Board to


The following is from the ACBL mission statement:

“The mission of the ACBL is to promote, grow and sustain the game of bridge and serve the Bridge related interests of our Members.” In the “purposes” section of both the ACBL and District 17 By-Laws, both organizations strive to promote the game we love by promoting Bridge activities, including but not limited to teaching groups to meet local needs. Our own Unit’s objectives state the idea of retaining our members and actively recruiting new ACBL members!

Please advise me if any further information would be helpful. ‘’Better Bridge is a Better Brain’’


Sharon Snyder


ACBL Teacher #8370