Minutes of Board Meeting for Colorado West Unit 364, Inc. on June 11, 2014


Call  to order: 10:20 AM, Bookcliffs Bridge Center, 2923 North Avenue, Unit 5, Grand Junction


Attendance: Board Members: Helen Bledsoe, Jackie Hurlbutt, Nick Larkin, Jean Paradis, Jeff Phillips, Sharon Snyder, Bert Solomon, Judy Tirpack, Guests: John Van Ness, Barry Hillmer


The meeting started at 10:20 AM


The Board reviewed the minutes from the March 12, 2014 meeting. Nick Larkin moved that the minutes be accepted. Helen seconded. After discussion, the Board approved the minutes.


Judy Tirpack provided the Board with an update on the finances of the unit. The total revenues for the Doc Holiday Sectional Tournament were $5,200.  Expenses were $4,322.90.  Resulting profit was $1,197.10. The total revenues for the Durango 4 Corners Sectional Tournament were $2,974. Expenses were $3,424.55. Resulting loss was $450.55.


The Board discussed the upcoming District-Wide election in District 17. Each unit has the choice of conducting an election meeting or voting online through ACBL’s voting vendor. The default selection is an online ballot. Bert Soloman moved that the Board choose to vote online. Jeff Phillips seconded. After discussion, the Board approved the motion.


The Unit Board Members on record of July 15,2014 are the only authorized voters in the above referenced election. They are Helen Bledsoe, Pam Elsner, Jackie Hurlbutt, Nick Larkin, Jean Paradis, Jeff Phillips, Sharon Snyder, Bert Solomon, and Judy Tirpack. John Van Ness is running for re-election on this ballot.


Judy Tirpack provided an update on the Peach Sectional in August. Everything is on tract for the tournament, which is to take place on August 8-10. The Annual Meeting of the unit will take place at the tournament on August 9th.


Final copies of the By-Laws are being prepared by Keith Nichols to be precented to the unit members for approval at the Annual Meeting in August.


A discussion  took place about putting together a nominating committee for Board Elections in August. Nick Larkin suggested that Jeanette Roberts may be willing to be the head of the nominating committee. The Board agreed that Nick should contact Jeanette to see if she would be willing to take the job.




John Van Ness shared his thoughts on the Doc Holiday. Attendance was 123 tables which was up from 110 in 2013. Attendance was adversely affected by competition from Mesa Arizona Senior Regional and weather factors. Several teams left Sunday morning because a storm was forecast for the Vail Pass. As the numbers attest John was pleased with the success of the tournament. He has offered to be the Chairman of next year’s tournament and the Board indicated their appreciation for his willingness to be chair next year. He has made a $300 deposit for next year and Helen Bledsoe indicated that she will be seeking a sanction.


Barry Hillmer indicated that the reason for the loss at the 4 Corners Tournament was due to a revenue shortfall. For next year he will be looking for ways to get more people to attend. Barry also will be chairing the 4 Corners Tournament next year and the Board is very appreciative. Barry will work with Helen to seek a sanction.


In Pam Elsner’s absence, Helen Bledsoe indicated that Pam was still working on having a 299er in Vail on September 27-29 2014.


Nick Larkin moved that the meeting be adjourned. Helen seconded the motion. The Board approved the motion.