Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of Unit 364.

Date: March 20, 2018

Meeting by teleconference was called to order at 9:02 by President Keith Nichols.

Present: Keith Nichols, Diane Morgan, Leah Williams. Gretchen Bunnell, Don Squires, Bert Solomon and Karen Kribs.

Absent: Helen Bledsoe

Minutes . Karen sent the minutes by email. Reading was waived. On a motion by Leah with a second by Don, the minutes were accepted without correction.

Treasurer’s Report. Leah sent the Treasurer’s Report by email. The report was reviewed and there was no discussion. On a motion by Leah with a second by Gretchen, the Treasurer’s Report was accepted without correction.

A discussion ensued regarding use of a trailer for moving the equipment to tournaments. We have been using a trailer which has been loaned to us by Keith. He suggested that the trailer has been working well and that perhaps the Unit should buy a trailer. Karen suggested the idea of purchasing an enclosed trailer to be used for storage and transportation. Keeping the equipment in a trailer would make it simpler to take to tournaments and would save the expense of renting a storage unit. This idea a well received. Don moved that the Board be authorized to spend up to $4000 for the purchase of a trailer. Gretchen seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Bert asked about the dates for our fiscal year. It ends on 6/30. This was done to coincide with annual meeting at the Peach tournament.

Old business

Equipment & supplies are still in storage in Grand Junction. We have plenty of supplies. Have 35 tables.

Karen reported on the Doc Holliday tournament. She is taking over the position of chairperson, as John VanNess is not available. Diane Morgan will take the position of Partnership chairperson. Since the space we had reserved at the Plaza Hotel will not be ready in time for the tournament, the event has been moved to Hotel Colorado. Karen expressed concern about not having a budget for the event. Since both the date and the location have changed, it is difficult to anticipate our attendance. The catering prices at the hotel are very high, so the hospitality will be extremely limited.

Karen suggested that we should consider the Glenwood Springs Community Center for next year.

Keith gave the report on the Peach tournament. The dates this year are July 20-22. Heide Schoenstein is chair. We will no longer be able to use the Masonic hall as it has been reconfigured and will no longer hold the required number of tables. The new site will be the Travel Lodge. Space is adequate for 30 tables. There is no requirement for room rentals and Heide negotiated a good room rate of $59.

Bert reported on the Vail Sectional which will be held on August 3-5. He was able to rent the Homestake Peak School for less than $1000. He has lots of committees and lots of help. The schedule is for 3 sessions Friday, 2 on Saturday and a 2 session Swiss on Sunday. He expects good attendance and wants to set up for 40 tables.

He is planning lots hospitality. Breakfast will be provided on Friday & Saturday and lunch for the Swiss on Sunday ($120/team)

Jim Churchill has agreed to continue as chair for the Black Canyon Tournament.

Don reported that Barry Hilmer will continue as chair for the Four Corners tournament. Arrangements are underway. This year it will be held on June 15-17, which is Father’s Day weekend.


Funding for bridge development

Members have inquired if funds could be available for setting up lessons and taking director’s training classes. This is mentioned in the procedural manual. Should the unit support these activities?

Karen expressed the opinion that she is happy to support someone who plans to be a volunteer director, but not someone who plans to charge for directing or run a for-profit game. Several Board members agreed with this opinion. Keith will write up a proposal to be introduced at the next meeting.

Lessons—The Unit could offer grants to those who want to teach beginner classes. Keith will write up a proposal to be introduced at a future meeting.

Procedural Manual

Keith sent out a copy. Lots of good info, but it needs to be updated. We should be looking at this over the next year.

Page 3

Keith asked for ideas for someone to take Sharon’s place on board. No ideas were expressed. Karen mentioned that we need to be thinking of someone to nominate at the annual meeting. Keith suggested that we might want to have someone from the Montrose/Delta area.

Keith stated that a nominating committee of non-board members needs to be appointed.

The next meeting will be held during the tournament in Glenwood Springs.

There being no further business, Leah moved to adjourn and Bert seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 10:22.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Kribs