Unit 364 Board Meeting

March 22, 2017

Meeting called to order at 9:05 am by teleconference.

Directors in attendance: Jerry Brown, Karen Kribs, Diane Morgan, Keith Nichols, Sharon Snyder, Bert Soloman, Don Squires. 

Directors absent: Pam Elsner, Helen Bledsoe.

The Oct. 1, 2016 minutes were reviewed before the meeting and were approved unanimously here.

The Treasurer’s report from Sharon indicated a balance of $23,880.36 after almost no expenses over the winter. The report was approved unanimously.

Sharon, as Equipment Manager, shared several concerns. The primary one was that we need more space in the storage unit. Between the tables, the table carts, and other supplies, there’s not enough room to move around inside the unit. Keith said he’d contact the storage company to see what’s available.

Sharon suggested that we discard the carts that has been built to transport the table, that they’re just too heavy to be easily moved. Bert indicated he had that same problem when he tried to use them. It was agreed that we do away with them and maybe find a lighter, more functional replacement.

Sharon mentioned that transport of the tables and other supplies to tournaments continues to be a problem. Jeff Phillips, who has done this in the past, both as a director and afterwards, is not in the best of health and we shouldn’t rely on him to continue his efforts. Sharon suggested hiring someone to handle the effort but thought it might run about $300 for two round trips to each tournament.

The board will continue to consider the problem.

Keith reported that the scanned document of the Unit Procedure Manual will need to be rescanned using optical recognition software to produce an editable document and he is looking into this. Karen said she’s willing to rescan the hard copy if we acquire the OCR software.

Keith informed the board that Diane Morgan has agreed to take on the responsibility of sending welcome notes to new members and that Jeanette Roberts has agreed to begin discussion with local clubs to generate local publicity about their activities.

Sharon told the board that the Peach Sectional continues to be on track and that she will provide the board with her proposed budget. She mentioned that she has a sizeable group of bridge newcomers that might be interested in attending a sectional and asked the board what they thought about including a 0-50 point grouping at the Peach in addition to the usual 299er category and everyone thought it would be a good idea. She will work this into the schedule.

The board also received a detailed email from John Van Ness about the progress of the Doc Holliday sectional. John expects better attendance this year because of moving the dates 2 weeks later for better weather. John also had several suggestions for the future and for Unit involvement that the board will take under advisement.

Keith informed the board that Nick Larkin has offered to take on the organizational responsibility for a more socially oriented Christmas Party/game, probably in Grand Junction, but he wanted the Unit’s blessing and support. In the past, this event was also the Annual Membership Meeting, which improved the attendance. However, weather could play a factor and while the Directors agreed such a gathering would be a positive event, several suggested doing it at a warmer time of year might improve attendance. The board would also like to see a proposed budget to get a sense of the likely financial liability to the Unit. One downside is that it would be a Grand Junction centric event. If held in Winter, it was unlikely many would come from Glenwood or locations to the east and even more likely, no one from the Durango area would come. Keith said he would discuss these concerns with Nick.

Keith asked the board for thoughts on our hosting a Regional in Vail. Our impression was that District 17 might be open to a Regional there in 2019, although it was our understanding that at least a couple of District 17 board members were adamantly opposed to having a Regional in Vail at all. The board decided that little needs to be done at this point and we would reach a decision whether to pursue it before 2018.

Karen and Bert informed the board that they are working on another charity game to be held in Glenwood Springs on Saturday, June 17, and will keep the board informed.

The Board agreed to have the next Board meeting at the Doc Holliday Sectional in Glenwood Springs, during the break between the morning and afternoon sessions on Saturday, April 29. Keith will set up a location and arrange for lunch.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted for:

Pam Elsner, Secretary

By Keith Nichols