Colorado West Unit 364

Board of Directors Meeting

May 7, 2020, 9:00 am, via Zoom Videoconference

The meeting was called to order at 9:10 am.

Board members in attendance: Randy Fields, Mitch Hayne, Steve Huber, Karen Kribs, Keith Nichols, Karlene Spivak, Greg Westerwick, Leah Williams, and Gretchen Bunnell (ex officio).

Absent: Don Squires

The minutes from the February 19, 2019 Board meeting had been read, reading at the meeting was waived, and they were approved.

The Treasurer’s report had also been sent to the Board. It showed a year end balance of $29,684.78 and a loss for the year of $2,627.27. The Financial report was approved unanimously.

Old Business

2020 Tournaments:

Doc Holliday and Durango Four Corners:
The board reviewed the cancellation of these tournaments. Keith explained Karen’s and his rationale and Greg described the thinking of the Durango folks. The board agreed with both cancellation decisions.

Vail Summer Sectional:
Keith related that Bert was proceeding with his planning and thought that any consideration of cancellation should be made by the board. Keith felt that the tourney chair should be in on it as well, being “boots on the ground.” It’s 12 weeks away so we have time to consider.

Mitch mentioned that Eagle County (Vail) has imposed constraints of no more than 10 people gathering no closer than 20’ from another group. If that holds, it would preclude a tournament. Mitch suggested that even if conditions improved to the point where a tournament could be held, the fear factor may still cause low attendance.

Randy suggested organizing a Unit-wide survey to see just how many people would be interested in attending the remaining tournaments, first in Vail July 31 – Aug 2, then the Peach in Grand Junction Aug. 21-23, and finally the Black Canyon in Montrose Sept. 11-13. We’ll put this survey out by June 1, with a drop dead return date of June 15. We will have plenty of time to cancel if necessary without undue hardship. We could set a short meeting right afterwards to discuss the results.

The Peach:
Randy (TC) has been working with the venue and others to improve the Peach this year and will rely on the results of the survey in June. The Peach is currently 15 weeks away. Randy indicated that Sam Stoxen is scheduled to direct Vail and the Peach. The venue is looking forward to hosting but indicated there would be no cancellation fee if it came to that.

Randy looked into a virtual sectional but the apparently the ACBL wasn’t ready for one. Greg suggested holding the discussion on virtual games and tournaments until our next meeting when we could invite some experts. Mitch suggested that that the Unit might consider promoting broad-based virtual games. The board agreed.

Black Canyon:
Keith mentioned that he’s heard nothing from Mike Thorpe, TC, however the tournament is 18 weeks away.

Tournament finances:

Greg noted the overall loss from tournaments in 2019 and thought we should address ways to reduce that in 2021. Leah mentioned the board’s decision to support the tournaments to a certain extent because the board felt it important to have sectionals throughout the Unit’s area; that it supports the players.

Randy commented on some costs for Vail that might be avoided in the future such as lunch losses.

New Business

The board approved the appointments of the new directors, sending the Annual Meeting Cancellation announcement, the Four Corners tournament cancellation letter, the response to Linda Scibienski’s letter, and the response to Sharon Snyder’s note.

Randy described the retreat he and his wife have started and invited the board to visit and spend some time there as a group.

Election of Board Officers.

Keith was elected President, Karen was elected to continue as Vice-President, and Greg Westerwick as Treasurer. The Board authorized Bank of the West to add Greg Westerwick to the signature card and to remove Leah Williams' name. Greg asked that we look into some sort of bonding or officer liability protection for the directors. Greg will see what he can find and Keith said he’d check with an agent he’s worked with. No one was willing to be Secretary. Keith will suggest it to Don. Leah offered to take over the Unit Tournament Coordinator position from Gretchen, mainly because she was right down the street in Crested Butte. Keith explained the responsibilities of the Membership Coordinator in Unit 364. Randy volunteered.

Mitch proposed the position of “Virtual Games Coordinator” and volunteered to serve in this position for this year to promote details about virtual games. The board approved.

Karen noted that the ACBL approach to virtual was for the players in Clubs who couldn’t play in person and advised Mitch as well as the board that going beyond that while possible, should be done cautiously. Mitch agreed that it should be up to the individual club whether to invite out of club players.

Virtual game discussion.

Greg mentioned that in Durango, they are offering their virtual games to the surrounding areas who don’t have the ability to run their own games.

Mitch noted that clubs should restrict their games simply because if they were open, they would get players from all over.


Randy has been in touch with the ACBL Educational Foundation and one of the thrusts they have is to approach the players in social games to recruit them to sanctioned duplicate games.

Greg raised the issue of not being able to do in person instruction these days and wondered whether we could create some classes online or recorded classes. Karlene mentioned that there’s an online course at the Frisco club.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:40 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Nichols