Colorado West Unit 364
Board of Directors Meeting
October 1, 2016

Attendance: Keith Nichols, Bert Solomon, Helen Bledsoe, Don Squires, Sharon Snyder, Karen Kribs, Jerry Brown, Diane Morgan; Guest : John Van Ness; Absent: Pam Elsner.

President Keith Nichols apologized to those members affected and to the membership as a whole for his erroneous statement at the Membership meeting and wanted to clarify his mistake. He had stated previously that Hope West and all its subsidiary operations are for-profit organizations and wanted to correct that statement by stating he has learned that Hope West is truly a 501-c-3, not-for-profit organization.

The Minutes of the August 30, 2016 meeting had previously been tabled in order that pertinent facts be checked out. The Board had requested that the President contact ACBL to clarify issues regarding the disposition of the Bev Taylor CD. Keith spoke with the General Counsel (GC) of ACBL who conveyed her advice to the Board.

The GC said that the line in the newspaper obituary suggesting contribution to the Unit was simply a wish or desire and that it in no way bound the Unit. She said that the frustration of purpose doctrine would allow the Unit to use the funds as they see fit because the original suggestion to build the future home of the unit was impossible to do. So the performance is excused. The bottom line is that the Board has no obligation to spend these funds in any certain way since the funds were given to the Unit and should be spent by the Unit for the benefit of bridge in the Unit. She also stated that it is the fiscal responsibility of the Executive Board of Unit 364 to determine how the Unit’s funds are spent-- not the general members of the Unit.

The Executive Board then discussed various ways in which the CD could be spent: restricted funding, possible donations, other suggestions, etc. It was suggested that the Board move the CD into the Unit’s general funds and we could apply them to a specific purpose at a later stage. It was suggested that if a previous donor to the funds could demonstrate proof that they had donated to the CD, the Board would provide a refund to the person and that a time period of six months following the posting of these minutes would be a sufficient time limit for a person to request a refund. After reviewing the options before the Board, the Board voted to deposit the entire amount into the Unit’s general fund. They also voted that if Unit members wish to have a refund, documentation of the donation would be required and this offer is available for a six-month period.

The previous minutes were approved as amended by the Executive Board.

The Treasurer’s Report from the previous meeting had also been tabled due to the fact that the Treasurer was out of town. The Treasurer reported as of September 30, 2016:

Vectra Bank

Beginning checking account balance (8/20/16) $24,246.15

Current Checking balance (9/30/16) $23,643.52

Income 0

Expenses $602.93

10 new tables ($411.50)

Misc. Supplies ($ 90.43)

Black Canyon Tournament Advertisement ($100)

CD 9/30 $1159.69

The Treasurer’s report was approved.

Karen suggested promoting the Unit’s website and pointed out that a Unit member had informed her that there appeared to be two websites for Unit 364. It was also suggested that members might like to get notice of the Board Meetings. The Board agreed that Board meeting announcement would continue to be posted on the website and that an e-mail would be sent encouraging members to look at the website.

Karen Kribs will scan the Unit Procedure Manual after comparing two different copies to determine the latest copy.

Karen canvassed members at different clubs to see if there was interest in setting up a charity game. Interest was lacking. Helen indicated that the Unit is required to have a charity game on an annual basis. As Durango is interested in having a Charity game, this would fulfill the Unit’s obligation.

Sharon reported that the Peach Tournament and Annual Meeting will be held on 7/28, 29, 30 in Grand Junction at the Masonic Hall. Sharon suggested using food trucks for lunch. She will also solicit sponsors.

Sharon reported on the tired table issue and the various options. She had previously been authorized to purchase ten tables, but wanted more input into the topic.

The need for filling Committee Chairs was discussed; Publicity, Charity????? And Membership Committees.

Don raised discussion of the possibility of an Instant Match Game, which has a requirement of at least five tables, was discussed. Participants compete nationally and the Match Game comes with a booklet of answers and responses. The question of cost came up.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.