Unit 364 ColoradoWest Board Meeting 

October 2, 2014, 40 Holden Place, Avon, Colorado

Attendance: Jackie Hurlbutt, Pam Elsner, Jean Paradis, Helen Bledsoe (by phone), Keith Nichols (by phone), Karen Kribbs (by phone), Jeff Phillips (by phone)

Jackie Hurlbutt welcomed new Board members Karen Krebs and Keith Nichols.

The Secretary’s Report was accepted by the Board.

The Treasurer’s report was as follows:

As of 10/1/14 Checking: $21,407

CD: $ 1,147

Total : $22,554

The Peach Tournament results were: Net Income $2,365

Expenses $3,717

Total $1,352 loss

Expense Details

Advertising $339

Hospitality $974

Sanctions $904

Venue $1,500

The Black Canyon Tournament

Results were: Net Income $2,986

Expenses $2,428

Total $ 558 gain

Expense Details

Advertising $ 339

Hospitality $ 149

Sanctions $1,080

Venue $ 800

Financial issues continued to be discussed:

Signatores have been updated and Keith Nichols, Treasurer and Nick Larkin have signed current forms.

The free Safety Deposit Box was discussed and it was decided to maintain it on at least temporary basis. The second key needs to be located.

CD signatores have been updated.

The Bev Taylor CD was discussed and tabled to the next board meeting.

Helen Bledsoe reviewed the Peach Tournament and felt it was too close to too many other tournaments. Attendance throughout the nation with sectionals and regionals has declined.

The Black Canyon Tournament went well and the venue and parking was good.

The upcoming Vail 299er was previewed. It will be held at the Holiday Inn Apex in West Vail.

The discussion of the use of a 8 x 10 locker (storage unit) for tables and bridge supplies revealed that thirty of the bridge tables are fine but others need repair. Pam said that Marcia and Tom refurbish their card tables and they could advise us on their techniques. Jeff is now responsible for the locker and equipment. The storage locked ha a total of five keys. It was suggested that we do an accounting of equipment. The tables are difficult to move and it was considered that a new trolley should be purchased. It was recommended that the dishes and plastic utensils be used up and that chair of tournaments would be responsible for obtaining them.

The new mailing address for the Unit is Box 504, Delta, Co 81416.

Jackie questioned the use of the Unit’s computer and printer, but it was determined that it was used for occasional Unit games by individual bridge groups.

It was agreed that Keith should buy an updated version of Quicken. Keith will keep the cpu and the printer.

It was announced that that Unit will receive a check for $1,099.75 , the amount being calculated on the basis of our 273 Unit members who paid their dues.

Helen announced that the Peach Tournament July 31-August 1st. Helen and two volunteers will chair the tournament.

The next Executive Board Meeting will be January 16, 2015, at 10 am in Grand Junction.