Unit 364 Board of Directors Meeting

October 29, 2019 via Teleconference 9:00 am

Board Members In Attendance:
Gretchen Bunnell, Randy Fields, Karen Kribs, Keith Nichols, Don Squires, Leah Williams
Absent: Diane Morgan

Minutes for March 6, 2019 were quickly read by Keith. Two edits were recommended and a motion was made by Leah to approve, seconded by Don. Motion unanimously passed.

The treasurer’s report was submitted to the Board showing a 10/22/19 balance of $28,860.32. It also showed a net loss for the year of $2,976.78.
Motion made by Gretchen to accept Leah’s report as submitted, seconded by Keith. Motion unanimously passed.

Keith reviewed the supplies and concluded that we should have sufficient supplies for 2020. We have 41 tables and since none of the Unit’s sectionals approached that number of tables, Keith decided not to acquire more tables for now. Keith will do a final end of year inventory.

Don mentioned that Mike Thorpe suggested that we could keep the trailer permanently at his place. Keith said he’d speak with Mike about this.

Old Business
Tournament finances:
Keith noted that most of the sectionals lost money this year and suggested that we think about ways to reduce overhead. Ideas to consider included venue cost, pre-dealt Swiss boards, hospitality, etc.

The board will encourage tournament chairs to consider costs next year.

Leah noted that at several tournaments attendance was down and the board discussed the possible reasons for this and how to encourage more participation. Keith indicated that he wants to have at least 2 weekends, maybe 3, between each sectional, which may help.

Unit Funding Policies:

Keith noted that the amount set to support the new member efforts of clubs was based on the previous year’s revenue and in 2018, we had net revenue of about $6,000, so we set the amount at $3,000.

The board discussed the value of developing new members to both the Unit and local clubs. Everyone agreed that this program was important and provided positive results. Don mentioned that there’s a new ACBL policy that if a club generates a new member, the club receives $10 from the ACBL.

Randy suggested that the Unit might consider creating an education committee and take advantage of the ACBL’s educational support. Randy said he would look into it.

Don moved that we continue funding the beginner development program at $3,000, and in response to our lack of revenue in 2019, we not offer the club supplies support in 2020. Leah seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

The board agreed that new club director support should continue as before.

New Business

2020 Tournaments:

Both the Doc Holliday and the Four-Corners sectionals have been Sanctioned and will held April 26-28 and June 7-9, respectively.

Karen reported that she is still trying to work with La Quinta, but the contact person there is not that responsive. She will keep the board updated.

Don indicated that Carl Hasz will continue chairing the 4-corners Tournament and that the venue will be at the Durango VFW hall. He will contact Gretchen to modify the sanction. As a result of this change, Don noted that we will need to bring the Unit trailer to Durango next year.

Keith described the possible dates for the Peach, Vail, and Black Canyon tournaments and indicated that he would ideally like 3 weekends between each event.

Mike Thorpe has gone over the available dates for the Black Canyon at the Montrose Elks Lodge and the only weekend that is available that’s not in late October is Sept. 11-13. He’s going to go ahead and book it.

The Peach will work best if it can be held in mid-August (partly because of ripening peaches) and the optimum date is August 21-23.

As a result, the best date for Vail is July 31 – Aug. 2. Bert has indicated that there’s some sort of camp held at the venue during July and he will see if the first weekend in August will work with them.

This would result in just 2 weekends between each tournament. Keith suggested the possibility of the Black Canyon in mid to late October, but it was noted that the Unit has many snowbirds who leave the area by then and would not be able to attend.

Keith said he would keep the board apprised as the dates get set.

Club Funding Application:

The Unit received a request from the Grand Slam Bridge Club for support for their very extensive beginner development programs. The board discussed the various parts of the application and Leah moved that we award them the maximum of $500. Gretchen seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Don mentioned that the Durango club was also planning to submit a proposal for support and Keith mentioned that the board can consider it remotely so long as it gets approved at the next actual board meeting.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:11 am

Submitted by Keith Nichols