Bridge Unit 364

September 1, 2015 at 8 am

Board Meeting

Attendance all Telephonically: Pam Elsner, Jackie Hurlbutt, Keith Nichols, Jean Paradis, Nick Larkin, Karen Kribs, Jeff Phillips, Bert Solomon; Guest Linda Deaton

The minutes of August 18th, 2015 were discussed and modified to include Jeffrey Phillips as Business Manager. The minutes were approved as modified.

Treasurer Keith Nichols presented the Treasurer’s Report. The current balance is $20,133.73. The Treasurer’s report was approved.

An update on the status of a possible Regional Tournament in Vail in 2017 was presented by Bert Solomon. Bert provided a tour of the considered Dobson Arena in Vail for the President and Treasurer of District 17. When a tournament is not connected with a hotel, it is considered financially beneficial because the group running the tournament does not have to guarantee a certain amount of rooms. After looking over the tournament budget, a projected profit of $2,000 might be possible. Tables and equipment can easily be gained from multiple sources and the Dobson Arena would provide chairs. Thirty volunteer slots would be required. After deliberation, the Board voted to authorize a letter written by John Van Ness be presented to District 17 indicating that the Board supports a regional tournament in Vail in the fall of 2017. It was further discussed that hopefully, District 17 would consider and be willing to underwrite at least partially any losses.

Linda Deaton discussed her beliefs that the Bev Taylor CD should be taken out of the possession of Unit 364 and donated to the local hospice. She provided three letters of former unit members who knew Bev Taylor which supported her contention. President Jackie Hurlbutt discussed determining the legality of the situation. The actual obituary names both organizations, therefore, leaving the donations up to actual friends and their wishes. Linda stated that friends gave cash to the fund and there is no record of donors.

(Static on the line required that everyone hang up and call again after a ten-minute time span.)

Multiple suggestions and considerations were presented. The topic was tabled.

The Annual Meeting at the Peach Tournament held between the morning and afternoon was discussed. Attendees from other areas outside the Unit were unhappy that the meeting was held during that time period. They felt it was too disruptive , too lengthy due to discussions and the election of the Board of Unit 364. Karen and Keith suggested that the Annual Meeting be held after the Saturday afternoon session and interested persons, only, could attend. The topic will be put on the agenda at the next meeting.

The printing of the Membership Directory was discussed. It was the consensus of the group that members can find the names of other members on the website. However, it would be considerate to provide a hard copy to those members not well acquainted with the internet . Jean stated that she could provide hard copies to Club Directors/Owners who could determine from their members who needed a hard copy.

Pam Elsner discussed election issues and stated that written procedures need to be created and followed. Absentee ballot issues need to be clarified and she volunteered to write procedures and present the draft to the Board at the next Board Meeting.

There are two possibilities for the next Board Meeting, either 12/1 or 12/2 at the Nationals in Denver or 12/8. The majority of Board members will be attending the Nationals and Jackie will work toward setting a date for that meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.