Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors,Unit 364

September 22, 2018. Black Canyon Sectional. Montrose CO

In Attendance
Board Members:
Leah Williams, Helen Bledsoe, Karen Kribs, Don Squires, Keith Nichols, Bert Solomon
Absent Board Members: Diane Morgan, Gretchen Bunnell
Unit Members:
Sharon Snyder, Lauren Solomon
Minutes dated August 3 were unanimously approved as submitted. Leah Williams made the motion, seconded by Karen Kribs.

A motion to change the Unit’s Fiscal year to a calendar year was unanimously approved. Leah Williams made the motion, Karen Kribs seconded.

The Board continued its discussion on creating an educational grant policy for the unit. A policy will be in place before future funds are disbursed; there will be no difference between clubs (profit vs not for profit) provided there is no charge for lessons: no funds for small pieces of equipment (i.e. white board), rent, for instructor time. Total amount of awards will be based upon prior year’s net income, $3,000 approved for 2019, $500 maximum per award; Keith will prepare form for requesting funds and notify clubs; funds will be awarded and disbursed twice a year-April 1 and August 1. Books, paper materials, white boards, printer ink, markers are acceptable for reimbursement.
The request for the funds for the items in the grant must have back up documents that can be submitted if requested.
If the minutes are approved, the above information will be put into a grant form.

Sharon Snyder stated that she felt that the Board was biased against her since grants were awarded to 2 other clubs but not hers. Sharon said that Montrose got a grant before her request was considered. Sharon stated “she was embarrassed” as a result of the Boards actions.
Karen Kribs apologized for the board if its action caused her any embarrassment but there was no bias. Karen stated the Board viewed Sharon’s request ($2,000 and $5,000) differently because of the size of the request versus much smaller requests that were received. The board felt that such a larger request required more careful consideration.
New Business
The Peach dates were set for June26-28 at the Marriot Courtyard in Grand Junction. Karen indicated she was working to finding a venue for the Doc. Since the Hotel Colorado is not available, she would check on the remodeled hotel in Glenwood. Bert stated that the Vail Sectional did not have a workable date yet.
Helen brought up Club games at her home.
Bert requested a discussion at the next Board Meeting about a grant to all clubs for replacing or upgrading their materials.

Respectfully Submitted

Bert Solomon, Secretary