SEPTEMBER 8, 2014


Attendance:  Jackie Hurlbutt, Bert Solomon,  Pam Elsner, Helen Bledsoe(by phone) and Nick Larkin (by phone).


The meeting was called to order by President Jackie Hurlbutt at 4:45pm.

As a Special Meeting of the Board had been called and members of the Unit were notified ten days before the meeting, the Board is required to discuss only those specified topics listed in the notification, as required by the Unit’s Bylaws. 

The Board dealt with three previous meetings.  Jean moved the approval of the June 11, 2014, Executive Meeting.  Nick seconded.  The minutes were approved.  Nick moved the approval of the August 9th, 2014 Annual Meeting.  Helen seconded.  The minutes were approved.  Nick moved the Executive Board Meeting of August 9, 2014 be approved.  Jean seconded. The minutes were approved. 

The Board elected two new Board members:  Keith Nichols to fill the three-year term of Sharon Snyder, vacated by her resignation and Karen Krebs to fill the one-year term of Judy Tirpack, vacated by her resignation.

The Board then elected Keith Nichols as Treasurer of the Unit and Nick Larkin as Assistant Treasurer of the Unit.

The Board then approved resolutions relating to depository and credit card accounts at Vectra Bank and designated the new elected Treasurer and the Assistant Treasurer as the Authorized Officers with respect to those accounts.  The discussion of a limit on check writing was tabled   Pam moved and Jean seconded.  Motion carried.

 The Board further authorized the Treasurer to effect the change of the Unit’s name on the Unit’s account at Vectra Bank to its correct name, “Colorado West Unit 364, Inc.”  A discussion ensued regarding the establishment of a credit card for the Unit.  It was felt that retaining such a credit card would be useful for the tournaments and may be used for providing a deposit to hold a hotel site,  deposit for food, etc.    Nick moved and Jeff seconded.  Motion carried

The Board then rescinded all authorizations of Vicki Lamb and Judy Tiripak as signatories on all Unit accounts at Vectra Bank and authorized the Treasurer to put into effect all changes authorized at this meeting with regard to the Unit’s accounts at Vectra Bank.    The previously authorized resolution had put this into effect, but Vectra Bank may want a specific and separate authorization.     Helen moved and Jean seconded.  Motion carried. 

The Board voted to authorize the Treasurer and Judy Tirpack, as former Treasurer, acting singly or jointly, to cash in the current Certificate of Deposit at Wells Fargo Bank and obtain a cashier’s check reflecting the total proceeds that can be deposited in the Unit’s checking account at Vectra Bank.  Bert moved and Pam seconded. 

The Board authorized Judy Tirpack to pay any necessary expenses that are payable in conjunction with the Black Canyon Section Tournament September 10th-12th.  Judy has graciously offered to do so.  Pam moved and Bert seconded.  Motion carried.

The meeting was adjourned.