Minutes - Annual meeting - Dec 4 2011





December 4, 2011

Due to the sudden incapacitation of Acting President Helen Bledsoe, the meeting was called to order by Treasurer Judy Tirpack at 1:00 p.m., at the Wine Country Inn, Palisade, Colorado. Judy welcomed the members present to the meeting. She called for a moment of silence in remembrance of members lost this past year.

Board Members Present: Helen Bledsoe, Alison Regan, Judy Tirpack, Paul Hackbert, Gloria Kohls, Jean Paradis, John Spurgeon and Pam Elsner

Secretary’s Report: Avie Manges moved and Pat Kelley seconded that the November 16, 2011 minutes not be read at this meeting. There being no additions or corrections, the motion carried and the minutes were accepted as written.

Treasurer’s Report:  Our account balances as of November 30, 2011 are:

            2 CDS                                     $17,923.54

            Checking Account                  $  8,322.46

            Total Bank Accounts              $26,246.00

The annual report will be available in mid-January. Judy said that she would be happy to mail out a copy of this report to any member who requests it.

Judy introduced the Board members present to the membership. She also thanked the membership for their participation in tournaments throughout the year, helping make these tournaments a success.

Membership Announcements:  Jean Paradis announced that there are 19 new members in the Unit. She also announced members who have achieved Life Master, Bronze Life Master, Silver Life Master and Gold Life Master, and congratulated them on their accomplishments.


Unit Name Change:  Judy petitioned the membership on changing the name of the Unit from “Grand Junction Unit 364” to “Colorado West Unit 364”, due to the larger area now encompassed by the Unit. Avie Manges moved (and Gloria Kohls seconded) that the name be changed. Motion carried unanimously.

By-Law Revisions:   Judy announced that by-law revisions were up for consideration by the membership. John Spurgeon moved (and Gloria Kohls seconded) that we lay consideration of the by-laws on the table for now. Motion carried by a majority of the membership.

Election of 3 Board Members:  Judy announced the slate of candidates, who were:

Paul Hackbert, Molina (incumbent);  Pam Elsner, Avon (Incumbent);  Nick Larkin, Austin; and Rich Bettencourt, Palisade. Nominations were taken from the floor: Avie nominated Jim Churchill, Cedaredge, as a write-in, and members were asked, when they received their ballots, to write Jim’s name on the ballot on the line below the other 4 candidates’ names. As the ballots were passed out, Judy said that only members in good standing could vote, and that any member who had voted by mail could not vote again.

John Spurgeon will count the ballots and absentee ballots. An announcement of the election results will be sent out as soon as the votes are counted.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Alison Regan, Secretary

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