Minutes, April 25 2012


Executive Board Meeting Minutes

ACBL Unit 364

April 25, 2012

Board Members Present:  Helen Bledsoe, Judy Tirpack, Jean Paradis, Richard Bettencourt, Nick Larkin, Jim Churchill, Paul Hackbert.

The meeting was called to order by President Paul  Hackbert.  The minutes of the previous board meeting were reviewed.    Minutes were approved with some revisions: Crested Butte changed to Delta, location of  meeting changed to Main Street Bagels and other minor changes.  The revised minutes were approved. 

The Treasurer reported the following:  cash flow as of 4/25/12 was -$753.28; the total bank  statement was $22,548.16.

The report from the Doc Holliday tournament was discussed.  The attendance report indicated 119 tables with an average of 17 per session.  The tournament Report sheet indicated a loss of $805.70; however, the numbers are being reviewed and adjustments will be made according to the invoices.  A letter was received from Patti Payne indicating that errors were made on the expenses, i.e., on mileage, the hotel invoices regarding services and rooms, etc.   The discrepancies are being addressed.  The Board voted on a motion to send flowers to Patti Payne as a thank you for all her efforts.  A discussion ensued as to whether or not the Doc Holiday should be held in April or changed to a different month.

A mentor program was held at Grand Junction  and was considered successful in its efforts to promote new membership.

The bylaws issue was tabled as Pam Elsner was not in attendance at the meeting.

The Delta Bridge Club will hold a Beach Party Unit game on July 14th and will charge $8.00 as it is an ACBL charity game.

The proposed budget for the Peach Tournament (August 3-4-5) was approved  by the board.

Openings are available for the October and November unit games. 

The next board meeting is July 6,, 2012.

Upcoming Events

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