Minutes Aug 29 2012

AUGUST 29, 2012
Attendance: Judy Tirpack, Jeff Phillips, Nick Larkin, Jim Churchill, Jacqueline Hurlbutt, Jean Paradis, Paul
Hackbert, Pam Eisner, and Helen Bledsoe
The meeting was brought to order at 10a.m. by President Hackbert. Several topics were added to the
agenda: a bylaws report and a member appreciation game.
The minutes of the July 6,2012 meeting were accepted as corrected.
The Treasurer Judy Tirpack reported the following: from 1/1/2012 to 8/29/12, we received $11,205.43;
from 1/1//2012, we paid out $11,534.80. Asa result our current total is -$329.37. For the Montrose
tournament, we prepaid $1,000 for the use of the site. Our total bank accounts are $22,972.07. Jackie
Hurlbutt moved that the Treasurer's report be accepted and Nick Larkin seconded the motion. The
motion passed.
New board member Jeff Phillips was introduced to the board. Jeff who is originally from Ohio now lives
in Whitewater.
Both the Delta game and the Peach Sectional were considered successful. Delta had 8 J4 tables and the
Peach had 122 tables. The only complaint heard was the heat with an unexpected heatwave. Everyone
seemed to like the new site in Palisades.
The topic of Member Appreciation Days lead to the discussion of creating incentives for the different
clubs to host these days. A stipend of $100 should cover incidental costs for the club directors. Club
directors should be encouraged to find a reasonable restaurant for lunch which would be followed by
bridge in the afternoon. Usually such events are held on Saturday or Sun.
A flier will be produced for the annual meeting December 2nd.
Helen Bledsoe cleared up who qualifies for the senior pairs game.
Other clubs should be notified ahead of time if they are going to hold a STAC game. Sometimes a
conflict of interest arises between clubs. The results of STAC games are determined by the District.
If misspelling of names occur in the latest directory, ACBL is the entity that provides the names and the
spelling of the names and they should be contacted at the national level to correct the misspellings.
Pam Eisner provided copies of comparisons of the old bylaws and the proposed bylaw changes. Jean
Paradis and Pam will travel to various bridge clubs to discuss the changes and to gain input from the
The next meeting will be October 10th, at 10am.
Jackie Hurlbutt moved that the meeting be adjourned and Nick Larkin seconded. The motion passed.

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