Unit 364 Board Minutes, Aug 24 1011



The meeting was called to order by Vicki Lamb, President, at the Grand Valley Bridge Center in Grand Junction, CO.

Board Members Present:  Helen Bledsoe, Alison Regan, Judy Tirpack, John Spurgeon, Paul Hackbert and Pam Elsner.

Board Members Absent: Gloria Kohls, Jean Paradis

Also present were ACBL members Doreen Pond, Martha Scott, Linda Deaton, Jo Levy, Linda Marah, Barbara Chaplik and Joan Hackbert

Secretary’s Report: a correction was made to the June 22, 2011 minutes. At the Membership Appreciation Game to be held on August 27, 2011, it should read that bridge is free, pay for lunch. The correction being made, the minutes were then accepted and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: our account balances as of August 23, 2011 are:

            2 CDS                                     $17,923.54
            Checking Account                  $  9,477.77
            Total Bank Accounts              $27,401.31

Total Inflows:  $12,929.59.  Total Outflows: $10,553.62. We are in the black by $2,375.97.

Old Business: 

Peach Tournament: the tournament had total expenses of $4,242.03. The total income was $5,566.00, for a profit of $1,323.97. We discussed changing the venue for the tournament for next year. The Country Inn is available. Another possibility would be the Lincoln Park Barn, which will be checked out for availability and cost. A motion was made and approved to table this discussion for now until we have more information.

An announcement was made prior to this tournament that the 2 caddies we hired would be paid $100.00 each for their services at the tournament. However, they were paid only $50.00 each. A motion was made and approved that we pay them the amount owed ($50.00 more apiece).

Vail 299er Update: the cost of food still has to be finalized. The price for accommodations is $99.00 a night.

Unit Name Change: a petition to change the by-laws to change the name of the Unit from “Grand Junction Unit 364” to “Colorado West Unit 364” was not presented to the Board members to sign, as planned. The petition will be presented and signed at the next Board meeting, and the change of name will be voted on by the members at our Annual Meeting in December.

Bridgemates: we discussed the cost and feasibility of buying Bridgemates to use at Unit games and tournaments, vs. renting. A motion was made and approved to table this discussion; Paul will research this matter further.

Doc Holliday Tournament: a tournament chair is still needed. If Patty Payne agrees to chair the tournament, Linda Deaton said she would help her. At this point, Linda has requested that Patty send her a copy of her proposal for venue and cost, and she will get back to us.

Four Corners Tournament Follow-Up: we are still working with Barry regarding cost for next year’s tournament.

New Business:

Redlands Duplicate Bridge Club: a letter from Nancy Hale, (Club and Member Services Dept., ACBL) was received, stating that the Redlands Duplicate Bridge Center, (Club #265082), 583 20 Road, Grand Junction, CO, 81507, has been cancelled by Rob Johnson, Manager.

Unit Games: there will be a Unit game on Sunday, September 11, 2011, and a Unit Charity Game on Sunday, November 6, 2011. A motion was made and approved that we hold a “Member-Guest” game in January, 2012.

We discussed whether or not directors should play in unit games. The Board policy in the past has been that directors should not play. A motion was made and approved to discuss this policy in greater detail at the next Board meeting.

It was suggested that we re-visit the fee schedule for directors of unit games. This discussion was tabled for now due to time constraints.

Jo Levy asked that documentation be given to her regarding a Board member request to a director. According to Jo, it is her legal right to access such a document.  The matter will be explored.

Our next Board meeting will be held on October 12, 2011, at 10:00 am.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:35 am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Alison Regan


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