Unit 364 - Board minutes, Jan 4, 2012




January 4, 2012


The meeting was called to order by Acting President Helen Bledsoe at the Bookcliffs Bridge Club in Grand Junction , Colorado, at 10:05 am.


Board Members Present:  Helen Bledsoe, Alison Regan, Judy Tirpack, Jean Paradis, John Spurgeon, Paul Hackbert and Pam Elsner


Secretary’s Report:  Pam moved and Judy seconded that we accept the minutes as written. Motion approved.


Treasurer’s Report:  our account balances as of  December 31, 2011 were:


            CD (Bev Taylor)                                 $ 1,141.25

            Our CD                                               $16,782.29*

            Checking                                             $ 4,884.90

            Total Bank Accounts                          $22,808.44


*Note that the interest to our CD is not included in this amount, as it had not been received at the time of this report.


Our annual meeting was in the red by $620.29. Unusual expenses relating to the meeting were incurred:


$411.47 (printing and postage) for mailing copies of the revised by-laws to members

$166.24 (mailing, printing, supplies) for absentee ballots


Our annual membership game is a charity game, and our charity of choice is Hospice and Palliative Care of Western Colorado. Normally we give $1.00 per person to the charity, and, as there were 64 people in attendance, we would give $64.00. However, Pam moved and Paul seconded that we give Hospice a check for $100.00. Motion approved.


Judy announced that the masterpoints earned by players who played at the Grand Valley Duplicate Center in August, September and October had been sent to the ACBL. Also, Judy sent in the masterpoints earned at the annual meeting game this morning (January 4, 2012).


We held elections for Board members at our annual meeting on December 4, 2012. The 3 people elected to the Board were Pam Elsner, Paul Hackbert and Rich Bettencourt.


New Business


At the first meeting in January, officers for the Board are elected, and the Board also appoints people to replace those Board members who have resigned.

The first order of business was to elect new officers. Jean nominated Paul Hackbert to be our President, and Pam seconded the nomination. A vote was taken, and Paul was elected unanimously.

For Vice President, Pam nominated Jean Paradis (John seconded). A vote was taken, and Jean was elected unanimously.

For Secretary, Paul nominated Pam Elsner (Jean seconded). A vote was taken and Pam was elected unanimously.

For Treasurer, Paul nominated Judy Tirpack (John seconded). She was elected unanimously.


Helen turned the meeting over to Paul Hackbert, our new President, at 10:50 am. Paul thanked the retiring Board members for their dedication and hard work on the Board.


Paul mentioned that a separate email address for the Unit has been created. The purpose of the new address is so that the Unit can communicate directly with its members, and the members can communicate with the Unit, without sending emails to personal email addresses. The new Unit email address is: cowestunit364@hotmail.com.


John Spurgeon handed in his letter of resignation, effective today. At the moment, we need 3 new Board members appointed, to replace John, Alison and Vicki. (Rich replaced Gloria Kohls, who resigned effective December 31, 2011). Helen recommended that Nick Larkin be appointed to be on the Board. Paul will follow up and talk to Nick. Pam had talked to Jackie Hurlebutt from Vail, who said she was interested. The Board members present asked that Pam follow up with Jackie. And, Jim Churchill had been approached as a possible Board member. Paul will talk to him.


Rich Bettencourt agreed to be our new Club Manager. Helen agreed to be our Recorder, handling sanctions.


Jean mentioned the need for a new membership directory. Jean can up-date the directory, but needs an assessment as to how many members would like an on-line directory and how many would prefer a hard copy of the directory. We will talk to club owners to see if they could find out from their members which version each would prefer. We talked about possibly putting out the directory ourselves. Jean will check with Tom McCalden to see if there is a software program that would allow us to do this.



The Doc Holliday tournament is being chaired by Linda Deaton and Patti Payne.

The Black Canyon tournament in Montrose will be chaired by Jim Churchill.

The Peach Tournament in Grand Junction will be chaired by Judy Tirpack and Rich Bettencourt.

John said that all sanctions are in place for this year’s tournaments.

Unit Games

We decided that the first Unit game of the year will be held on February 12, 2012, at the Bookcliffs Bridge Club in Grand Junction at 1:00 pm. Paul is planning to visit various clubs soon, and he will discuss the possibility of future Unit games at various locations in the Unit.


By-Laws Revision

We agreed that, as there was no outside input into the original by-laws revision, that a committee is needed, with non-Board members as well as Board members to review the by-law revision. There should be meetings in places other than Grand Junction, and representatives from all parts of the Unit would be needed. The representatives would talk to members in their areas to get input. Pam stated that she wants to be involved, and would like to visit 2-3 places. Pam also proposed that a meeting to discuss the proposed by-laws revision take place in January; she will talk to club owners to start setting this meeting up. Paul offered to scan the current by-laws to make a digital copy, which can be edited.


Tournament Budgets

John suggested that a complete budget should be presented by the tournament chair-person before each tournament. A standard form should be given to the tournament chair to fill out. It was noted by Helen that an ACBL fee schedule is needed in order to fill out a proposed budget. A motion was made to have a budget (in proposal form) presented to and agreed upon by the Board at least 120 days prior to the tournament date. Motion approved.


Other Business

Pam moved (and Helen seconded) that we need a Parliamentarian on the Board, who would be responsible for helping to conduct our meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order. Motion approved.


Pam also mentioned that Barbara Seagram is coming to Vail on July 16.


Our next meeting will be held on March 7, 2012.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:10 am.


Respectfully Submitted,


Alison Regan























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