November 16, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 am by Vicki Lamb, President, at the Bookcliffs Bridge Club in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Board Members Present: Alison Regan, Judy Tirpack, Pam Elsner, John Spurgeon, Gloria Kohls, Jean Paradis

Board Members Absent: Helen Bledsoe, Paul Hackbert

Also present: ACBL member Linda Deaton

Secretary’s Report: a motion was made and approved to accept the minutes as presented.

Treasurer’s Report: our account balances as of November 15, 2011 are:

            2 CDs                                      $17,923.54

            Checking Account                  $ 8,236.43

            Total Bank Accounts              $26,159.97

Announcements:  Alison announced that she had received an email from the ACBL that stated that the Mt. Sopris Bridge Club had officially closed.

Letters of Resignation were read:

            Gloria Kohls will be resigning from the Board effective 12-31-11.

Alison Regan will be resigning from her position as Secretary and will also be resigning from the Board effective immediately after the January 2012 Board meeting.

            Vicki Lamb will be resigning from her position as President and will also be

            resigning from the Board effective immediately after the January 2012 Board


Vicki announced that ballots for the elections at our annual meeting are ready. At the annual meeting, John will distribute the ballots, pick them up and count them. The candidates for election to the Board are: Pam Elsner, Paul Hackbert, Nick Larkin and Rich Bettencourt.

Old Business:

Paul Hackbert will not be doing a Pro-Am game in January as discussed in previous minutes.

Fee Schedule Revision: a motion was made and approved that we pay .51 cents a mile (which is the federal rate) to a director who has to travel more than 20 miles round trip to direct a tournament.

Gloria made a motion (and Pam seconded) that we continue to pay caddies $25.00 a session. The motion was approved.

Alison made a motion (and John seconded) that the fee for duplicating boards remain at $25.00 for each set of boards, a set being 36 boards.

Alison made a motion (and Judy seconded) that we agree to give assistant directors at Unit games half the amount of the director’s fee. The motion was approved.

Doc Holliday Tournament: The Board has decided to hold the tournament at the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, in April, 2012. Linda Deaton, co-chair of the tournament, presented the final budget. There will be 1 ad only in the Forum. Caddies will be needed for Thursday afternoon and all day Friday for the knockouts.  Coffee during the tournament will be purchased at the coffee shop and bar in the hotel, although coffee, tea, lemonade and light snacks will be available at different times throughout the tournament as well (for example, on Thursday afternoon, ½ hour before the 1st session). We will be guaranteeing 50 rooms (10 rooms Thursday night, 20 rooms Friday night and 20 rooms Saturday night) for the tournament in order to have the fee of $89.00/night. The minimum requirement for filling rooms is 80% (40 rooms), and the deadline for reservations is March 19, 2011.

A motion was made and approved that, with the exception of the caddy fee, which we agreed would be $25.00 per session as per the Unit 364 Fee Schedule, we accept the budget and sign the contract.

Our next meeting will be held on January 4, 2012.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:55 am.


Respectfully Submitted,


Alison Regan



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