In these days of the virus every club cannot hold physical games. There are many options for electronic bridge at

You need to sign onto the site and become a member – it is free. You will need to setup a small $ account to pay for some of the activities. As a member you will have a unique BBO identification name. You will need that name to participate in BBO activities.

INDIVIDUAL GAMES – You can sign in as an individual (or with a designated partner) and play in many different types of game. Sign in either early or late in the day – in the middle of the day there are more than 50,000 players and the BBO site can refuse your registration.

CLUB TOURNAMENTS – Many of our unit clubs offer BBO games which just like a regular game are awarded ACBL masterpoints. 

Interested? If you are not a regular player in that club please contact the club contact person and ask if you can be included as a “friend” of the club. You must have a BBO name and should ideally have a designated partner who also has a BBO name. The games have a small $ charge – so you will need a small amount of available BBO$. The games will open for registration 2 hours before the start time. You should login to BBO with your partner and select the VIRTUAL CLUBS button at the lower left of the screen. Then select the ACBL – North America button at the top left side. Select the SEARCH button and type the name of the club you wish to join. If all is well you will see a link to the club game. Click that link and register for the game with your designated partner’s BBO name. After your registration is accepted you may do other things and return to the game with your partner about 15 minutes before the start time. Play and have some electronic bridge fun!

ASPEN – Contact Richard Paxton, 270-210-3311 and

Aspen Bridge Club is holding virtual, 24-board BBO games that pay fully-rated black points, just like a regular club game.  We play every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at noon, ending by 2:20-2:30 at the latest.  E-mail me if you're interested in playing.

DURANGO – Contact Cara-Lyn Lappen,

I set up Durango’s online club on BBO- we also run 3 games per week (Tuesday 6pm, Wed 130pm, and Thursday 6pm) E-mail if interested in playing

VAIL – Contact Marcia McCalden, 970-471-3076 and

BBO games on Mondays at 12.30PM, Thursday at 1pm and Sundays at 3. Call or email if interested in playing.

DURANGO + DELTA/MONTROSE - Monday 1:30pm, Monday 610 pm (Montrose game), Tues 230pm (Montrose game), Tues 6pm (Durango game), Wed 1:30pm (Durango game), Thurs 6pm (Durango game), Friday 230pm (Montrose game), Sunday 215pm (Durango game) Contact  Contact Cara-Lyn Lappen, for more information.