American Contract Bridge League,
Colorado West Unit 364,
PO Box 504, Delta, CO 81416
, USA   
  • Updated - Aug 9, 2018
  • CHECK OUT THE PEACHY PHOTOS FROM THE 2018 PEACH TOURNAMENT : Click 2018peachpictures and thank you to Heidi Schoenstein
  • RESULTS - VAIL SECTIONAL: Click the "Tournament Results' Button for more information .
  • BOOKCLIFFS CLUB IN GRAND JUNCTION IS MOVING:  The club is moving to the Universal Unitarian Church at 536 Ouray Ave. in downtown Grand Junction as of August 31, 2018.  

    Club Manager is Judy Tirpack ([email protected]), - Please contact her at 970-628-1105 for more information. Games: Wed and Fridays at 12.45PM

  • DISTRICT 17 "SCORECARD":  Whats hapenning in District 17 - Click the "District 17 Scorecard" button to access the most recent (August 2018) publication and/or see a PDF version.  
  • Results from The Grand Junction Peach Sectional : Click the "Tournament Results" button.  + See minutes from the 2018 annual member meeting (under the minutes button)
  • CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL FOR ACBL RANK ADVANCEMENT:   Mark Zempel, Durango; Joella Krall, Grand Junction; and Mitchel Hayne, Eagle/ Vail. Click the "Achievements" button for more information.
  • MASTERPOINT RACES: How did you do in Unit 364 Masterpoint races? Click the Achievements button to follow "Ace of Clubs" and "Mini-Mckenney" lists.
  • WELCOME TO A NEW UNIT 364 BRIDGE CLUB:  The renewed SOPRIS BRIDGE CLUB (Director Patti Payne) will begin games on Friday July 6th at noon at 10 Club Drive, Aspen. Games will be on every other Friday. Reservations for the game can be made with Patti at 970-309-0177 or [email protected]
  • ACBL REGISTERED CLUBS: Click the link at left "Unit Clubs ACBL registered" to see the list of current Unit 364 clubs registered at ACBL. CLICK HERE FOR PDF FILE
  • MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION: Click the "Membership 2018" button at left for an up-to-date list of Unit 364 members and contact information.
  • UNIT 364 BOARD MINUTES: See the minutes from any Board meeting by clicking "Minutes" button at the left. Most recent is from December 6 2017.

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ACBL Unit 364

What We Do: Unit 364 is a major part of ACBL District 17 and currently counts over 350 people as members. The geographic area covered is the Western Slopes of Colorado's Rocky Mountains from Vail in the East to Moab, UT in the West and from Grand Junction to Durango (North to South).  The unit hosts 4 sectional tournaments each year, including one for players with less than 300 points. We also host a number of unit games.

How We Do It: Like all units of the ACBL, Unit 364 is governed by a board of directors. The Board meets a minimum of 6 times each year. All meetings are open to the public.

To Post Information: To post information on our web page, please contact the Unit's Webmaster using the "contact us" button at the top.

Calendar: A monthly Calendar for games and unit events is available - Click the "Calendar" icon above.Send additions and/or corrections to [email protected]

Photos: We would like to publish photos of your game site - your winners - and any other (outside the Unit) games that you have played in. Email photos to [email protected]